Yoga Stretching Routine

Yoga Stretching RoutineYoga involve physical movements that gives a calm mind and balances the whole body. Yoga consist of different yoga styles that can be done with the help of yoga principles. Yoga stretching routine schedule gives relief from muscle spasms and pain or stiffness in the joints .It enhances the energy level and reduces stress.

A ten minute schedule of yoga schedule helps to give supportive flexibility and relaxes he body. You can take help from stability ball that gives extra support and added balance to the whole body stretching movements. Stability ball sizes are different and you have to adjust the position according to the size of the ball.

All you need to do yoga stretching schedule is to have an exercise ball, a comfortable mat and a resistance band.

To start yoga stretching schedule, warm up your body with a light cardio and do stretching after the regular workout schedule. Whenever you want to increase the flexibility of the body and need some relaxation then these stretching exercises can be done safely.

Downward facing dogDownward facing dog or Upward facing dog:

Take an inverted V position and place your hands on the floor by bending your knees slightly. Inhale when you roll back and place your hands on the stability ball and push the chest up and straight your arms. Keep the shoulder at a distance from the ears. Now move your body back to normal position and this stretching can be repeated five to seven times.

Side Angle stretchSide Angle stretch:

Take a lunge position on the ball, forward your right leg and keep left leg straight behind you. Make a square by keeping the hips forward and sweep arms overhead and move back slightly. Hold your breaths and lower the arms and take a turn towards the side and stretch your arms. Hold on for three to four breaths. Now take your right arm down and keep your hand on the floor and stretch your left arm straight. Again hold your breaths .Repeat the same stretching for the other side of the body.

Side Child's PoseSide Child’s Pose:

Sit on your knees and bend while rolling the ball out .Now relax your head and stretch through the chest. Shift the hips to the right side of the body and move the ball to the left side while stretching through the back part of the body. Repeat the same stretching routine for the other side of the body. Try to hold the stretch for at least a minute.