Yoga Stretches For Flexibility

Yoga Stretches For FlexibilityYoga for inflexible people needs to useful when they are ready to make some changes in their diet with regular practice of yoga as doing this will improve their flexibility to do all yoga poses which needs a higher level of flexibility in the body. With regular practice of yoga sessions, any person who has a rigid body structure can also increase the body flexibility.

Whenever a person starts practicing yoga  then he or she may feel that he /she won’t be able to do most of the postures of yoga as they don’t have a flexible body. But after regular practice of yoga session you will be able to do any yoga posture. Most of the people are not able to sit in one of the easiest yoga postures like sukhasana, vajrasana and padamasana but with regular sessions you are only miles away from the flexibility of your body.

Yoga stretching increases the flexibility of the body but it takes time and strong will power from yourself  to achieve it. To increase your body’s flexibility at a  fast pace , you have to practice yoga asana twice in a day. For younger people, getting the adequate flexibility of the body is easy. The amount of flexibility that you can increase depends upon the determination, diet and lifestyle.

Yoga helps a lot to increase the flexibility of the body as most of the postures of yoga aimed to do that. When you are at the initial stage of doing yoga then it is better to stretch the main areas of the body like the hamstrings, hips and the shoulders. With adequate concentration on these three areas you will be able to get a strong and flexible body. Check out some of the best stretches to increase the flexibility.

Yoga Stretches for a Long, Lean, Flexible Body

Big Toe PoseBig Toe Pose:

This pose helps to increase the flexibility of the hips and hamstring. Stand straight on the floor and keep your shoulders apart from each other. Bend at the hips and  try to touch  your toes and your torso should touch your thighs. Keep your fingers around the toes and take hold of them tightly to get the accurate yoga position. Hold on to this posture for at least thirty seconds and relax.

Bound Angle PoseBound Angle Pose:

This yoga pose stretches and rotates your hips. Sit down on the mat and keep your legs straight out. Now bend your knees and try to pull them towards the groin area. Join the soles of both the feet together and keep your knees to the sides. Take a hold of your feet and pull them towards the groin area again. Hold on this posture for as much time as you can and relax. Make sure not to force your knees onto the floor.

Cat and Cow PoseCat and Cow Pose:

This yoga posture aims to increase the flexibility of the neck, spine and shoulders. It also helps to alleviate menstrual cramps and muscle tension in the back. To do the basic cow stretch, arch your neck and stretch your neck upwards while looking to the top. Again to do the cat pose, inhale some fresh air into the lungs and exhale slowly and move your spine upwards while dropping your head till the time you get a sight of your upper thighs. Repeat this posture and keep your thighs and arms straight during the whole exercise.