Yoga Poses For Low Blood Pressure

Yoga benefits a lot and after starting practicing yoga and getting its benefits you won’t be able to stop it. You will start feeling better and look better with a glow on the skin. The heart functioning is improved with the help of yoga. It makes your body flexible and helps in the proper flow of blood in the body. The body, mind and soul starts experiencing a sense of calmness with regular yogasanas.

Yoga fights with the causes behind the low blood pressure and stabilizes it. All yogaasanas calms the mind and controls the stress. All those people who are suffering from the problem of low blood pressure should take help of yogasanas with light modification in them. Some of the most effective poses to regulate low blood pressure are explained here:

Postures for Low Blood Pressure

Uttanasna or Spine stretching poseUttanasna or Spine stretching pose:

Uttanasana (forward bend) is one of the most popular yoga postures. This posture involves forward bending with intense extension in the legs and spine. It gives a massage to the abdominal organs. To do this pose, you have to stand straight on a yoga mat. Inhale and raise your hands above your head. Now exhale and bend your body forward and touch your toes. Stay in this posture for 30 to 60 seconds and make sure that your knees are not bending, now return to the normal position and inhale.

Sarvangasana or shoulder stand poseSarvangasana or shoulder stand pose:

This posture improves the flow of blood in the whole body and regulates the blood pressure. All types of mental and physical fatigues also go away with this posture.

To do this pose, lie down on your back and bend your knees and rest thighs on the lower part of your abdomen. Exhale and lift hips and thighs to 60 degrees. You can give support to the hips and thighs with your hands. While supporting your back with palms exhale and lift the thighs to a vertical position. Try to keep your legs straight. Stay in this posture as long as you feel comfortable in it.

Ushtrasana or Camel poseUshtrasana or Camel pose:

This pose helps to tone the whole spine of the body, abdominal area and pelvic regions. In this posture, you have to keep your knees shoulder eight inches away from the big toes and make sure that only your knees and toes touch the floor. Sit comfortably on the mat. Take a hold of the heels with corresponding hands and try to press the soles with your hands. Inhale and exhale for one minute. While inhaling, raise your posture off to your soles and come down to your knees and feet. To exhale, set your chest upright and bend the truck and head backward so that a curve is formed. Try to keep your arms straight and move your face facing the ceiling. After proper exhaling, take some deep breaths

Now invert your feet’s and keep the toes and feet in the mat. Move your hands down and take a hold of your ankle with respective hands. Bend your body backwards and make a curve by arching your spine and neck. Try to maintain this posture till the time you start feeling the strain on legs and body. Inhale and release the hands and come back to the original position from where you started.