Yoga Poses for High Blood Pressure

Yoga Poses for High Blood PressureHigh blood pressure is a problem in which the flow of blood increases which is difficult to be handled by the human arteries. This problem does not show any symptoms but it is a life threatening problem. The medical term that is used to describe high blood pressure is hypertension. With the regular use of some of the yoga poses you can regulate the flow of blood pressure in the body. Strenuous exercises are not recommended for patients of hypertension. Yoga is not at all a strenuous exercise so it can be done safely to control the increase in blood pressure. However, avoid downward facing dog and other inverted yoga poses. Check out the most useful poses to control high blood pressure.

Cat PoseCat Pose:

While doing a cat pose, you have to coordinate the movements of the breath. This pose will not lower your high blood pressure but it is very good to prevent the rise in blood pressure. It is one of the safest pose for hypertension patients. Place yourself on all your fours. Bring your knees under your hips and keep your hands in resting mode under your shoulders. Stretch your fingers on the floor and flatten your back with your eyes focusing on the ground. Inhale deeply. While exhaling, push your shoulders towards the ground while arching your middle back. This is a cat pose and stay in this pose for ten seconds and come to your original position. This pose stretches the spine and relaxes your body while releasing the stress from the abdomen and shoulders.

Stand Spread Leg Forward FoldStand Spread Leg Forward Fold:

In this posture, you should not give an extreme bend at the waist. Start doing this posture by giving a gap of four feet to your feet while pointing the toes forward. Join your hands in the position of offering prayers and both of your hands should rest on your chest. Now bend your body forward to the hip and lower your torso till they become parallel to the ground. Your body should make a 90 degree angle at the waist of your body. Keeping your body in this position, stretch out the neck slightly and increase the length of your back. Do not try to exceed this 90 degree angle, especially for people who have high blood pressure. This posture stretches the spine and the lower part of the legs.

Corpse PoseCorpse Pose:

This is a restorative posture that is used at the completion of the whole yoga session as it gives the ultimate relaxation to the body. Relaxation exercises help to reduce stress and tension from the muscles. To do this pose, lie on your back with a stability ball or a yoga mat and extend your legs. Extend your thighs, knees and feet downward to the sides of your body. Arms should rest on the sides with palm facing top. Relax your muscles by closing your eyes. Make a focus on relaxing your all muscles in the body. After getting a feeling that all your muscles are relaxed, make an effort to calm your mind. Hold on this posture for at least five minutes.