What to Wear To School on a Hot Day

What to Wear To School on a Hot Day Change of season is reflected by wearing right clothes. When winter season ends then the need for summer clothes arises and it is an absolute fun to wear cool clothes of summer than the thick knitted sweaters and coats. When you have to go out to any place like school, college or for a weekend plan in summers then you should give proper attention on what to wear on a hot day.

In case your school has a dress code then you have to wear it but make sure that it is washed properly the night before. In case you can wear anything then always choose the lightweight fabrics and clothes that are comfortable. Let’s say that a tank top with camisole or bright T-shirt is a good option. Bermuda shorts help to prevent the skin from the sun rays and help your skin to breathe and remain cool. Check out the best tips here on what to wear to school on a hot day.

Summer Dresses: The first dress that comes to one’s mind for summer is the outfit that is loose and made up of cotton. You can wear floral and bright colored dress in hot days and they look good also. Always keep in mind the shape of your body while choosing any dress for you. In case you have a toned upper body then you can wear a strapless dress as it will suit you and make you look beautiful. But if you’re upper arms are not toned and you are conscious about it then choose a capped or frill sleeve dress which will give coverage to your arms.

Jumpsuit: A latest and trendy fashionable outfit for girls is jumpsuit. It is available for different body shapes and in different patterns. It also rules out the problem of matching separate outfits which is a big problem for most of the girls. You can easily spend your whole day comfortably in a jump suit.

Shorts with Tank Top: A more simple summer outfit is denim short with a plan light colored preferable white tank top. This style never goes out of fashion. You can use accessories to add style to your outfit. Using a fringed bag and a boho hair band will give you a hippie look. Shorts are available in different leg length and for both girls and boys. You can choose among the various options available. You can also mix and match shorts with options you already have in your wardrobe.

Footwear: On a hot day, your feet also want to breathe and it needs space to do that. So choose among the wide range of sandals, flats, sneakers, available in the market. Gladiator sandal is one such footwear which you can wear with any type of dress, shorts or jumpsuit. But in case your outing involves excessive sun exposure then wearing a closed toe shoes or sandals are recommended to avoid tan line of the straps of the sandals. Another practical option for a P.E class is to wear tennis shoes with socks as socks help to keep moisture away from the skin and rules out any skin infections.

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