What to Wear In Paris in September

September is the peak season for tourists in September as weather is nice in this month. As the month of September ends tail end of high season starts so best to plan a vacation in the start of September. Make sure to reserve a room with air conditioning as the weather is unrepeatable. Drink lots of water even if you are not getting any sense of it as the weather is humid.

All elderly people and parents with small kids should keep themselves alert to bear with sudden changes in the temperature. Keep woolens for the infants and elders. The clothes that you have to carry should be for both cool and sunny weather conditions

Now when you are planning a trip to Paris in the month of September then you should take some precautions and keep the following essentials in your baggage.

Keep raincoats and umbrellas

As Paris is cool and damp in September with average temperatures of 24 degrees and rain is frequent so always keep an umbrella and a good raincoat to protect you from rains with you always.

Clothing for men

When it comes to clothing of men, then they give more attention to footwear’s with a simple T-shirt and jeans or pants. Try to wear clothes in layers with a light jacket or warm sweater as sudden changes in weather can make you sick. During the day, you can wear T-shirts with dark colored pants. In the daytime, the weather is sunny but when it comes at night, it becomes cool. Cargo shorts are not recommended for men in Paris.

Waterproof Shoes

Waterproof shoes are one of the essential and try to wear a solid shoe as even if it rains hard then you can walk in those shoes. It is no to white shoes city as it seems to be all Americans.

Clothing for women

All French females have a minimalist approach for their wardrobes as they do not go overboard to give an elegant look .Instead they keep themselves simple with Capri pants or jeans, white fitted T-shirt and flat shoes with a V-neck sweater or a light jacket. They should also carry a smart scarf with them as it is in the trend of Paris people and also it will help you to protect yourself from immediate winds. Paris has got a big waking place and don’t wear a miniskirt as it may put you in a fussy situation. Women do not wear any short with high heels. Rather they prefer to wear flat shoes or boots with jeans. Jeans can be of your choice as it can either be a skinny or flared. Women can wear raincoats, trench coats, belted waterproof coats, and sometimes leggings. Coats are in fashion in Paris.

Sunglasses and accessories

Large sunglasses are seen everywhere in Paris. All men and women like to wear sunglasses whatever the weather is. The females of Paris look down upon making up so avoid it. You can use other accessories like large handbags, scarfs, hangings, hats or visor but don’t wear any make up.