What To Wear In Paris In May

what to wear in paris in mayParis is for its fashionably chic women and men having a distinct style that helps to manage the allure of the bourgeois appeal. The climate of Paris is unpredictable and it is a challenge to dress compounded the weather may be sweltering one time and in few minutes later, it would be hailing. This sudden change in the weather should not lead to bipolarity of the wardrobe.

While dressing, keep in mind that the personal style should not be affected by the seasonal shifts. So when you are planning to travel to Paris in May then the following advice on clothing and accessories will help you a lot and save your precious time to choose your wardrobe for the vacation.

What should I Pack/Wear to Paris in Late May

Wear colors carefully

Neutrals colors and black are the two main colors of the persons that never go out of style. In May, you can wear other light and bright shades as well but in moderation. The majority of people in Paris wears dark colored clothes like navy, brown and gray with some splashes of other colors in the shirts and jackets.


The shoes should be comfortable and people of any age can wear the sleeker of Puma, Adidas, Nike tennis shoes and Converse. But avoid wearing white running shoes in Paris. You can also wear black leather casual shoes. Flats are usually recommended as heels give you a lot of discomfort.

In May, warm weather dressing is not required but Paris is not for wearing short dresses, it is about to dress in light weather and loose clothes. Go for linen and cotton fabric clothes. By doing so, you will look like what you are without affecting yourself into heat induced rage.

Clothing of women

Women prefer wearing skinny jeans, think matchstick or tighter straight leg fitting with boots that are without heels. Oversized and elderly women tend to wear oversized tops with leggings and tights with ankle boots.

Jackets of all types like trench coats, leather or cotton are worn by people of Paris. They prefer wearing black or navy colored jackets.

Clothing for men

Men prefer wearing dark trendy fitting jeans with dark plain T-shirt and a light jacket. People are usually seen with plain shirts with no wording and it becomes clear when anybody wear wording shirts that they are tourists or from a team of players.

Avoid over exposure

Paris is not a body exposure city and any type of over exposure will shock the person over there as it is very infrequent in the city. You can wear short hemlines as it will cover your upper body part properly. French women like to pair short dresses with tailored and fitted blazers and men tends to wear shorts with modest shirts.

Use of accessories

You can increase your style in your clothing with simple clothes with the help of accessories. You can wear light scarfs with stylish sunglasses. Men can wear stylish wrist watches. Hats is another good accessory to use and look cool indeed. Keep one umbrella with you to avoid getting wet any time as it may rain anytime in Paris.


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