What to Wear In Paris in July

What to Wear In Paris in JulyParis is the fashion capital of the world and if you are packing your clothing and accessories then it might be very challenging as there is lots of ups and down in the temperature of this city. Rain is very frequent in this city. It is one of the celebrated birthplace of haute culture and it has established itself into one of the most stylish city. When it comes to dressing styles of French women then they are facile chic as they have the ability to wear accessories with any outfit and that suits them well. Now in case you are planning a trip to Paris in the month of July then what you should wear in this month can be clear by just having a view on the following tips on clothing of both men and women.

Clothing for men

When it comes to clothing, then pack your lightweight pants and button down shirts as T-shirts with shorts and capris are no for Persians. The weather will also want you to wear full clothes. Skinny pants and fitted shirts come under the norm of Persian clothes so if you can wear them then go for it. In the late evenings, the weather becomes cool so wear a sports jacket and avoid wearing your sweatshirts or windbreaker.

Shoes and accessories for men

In Paris, people wear simple shoes with neutral colors like black, brown or tan. Walking shoes are light in weight and gives proper support to your foot. They go for wearing running and sports shoes only for playing and running purpose. So you should pack a pair of neutral shoes as white sports shoes are very rare as they seem to be all American. Hat and sunglasses are the main accessories that men carry in Paris. Three types of hat –The fedora, the pork pie and the beret hat are common in Paris. So try to find out a cap out of these three and pack in your bag and wear in Paris to look Persian.

Clothing for women

The weather is not hot in July neither very cold. So take a mix of cold and winter clothes. Persian women wear short skirts or sundresses. They avoid the use of makeup and maintains simplicity in their styles. The trend of wearing heavy knitted dresses, close fitting blazers, skinny and cropped pants of bold colors like blue, green and pink is on a high in the month of July so pack some clothes to follow this trend of Paris. The proper fit is another important thing that women keep in their mind while buying and wearing clothes. They want their clothes to be tailored to show off the best body parts. So you should also carry your best fitting clothes along with you.

Shoes and other accessories for women

Women prefer wearing flat shoes or boots and avoid wearing sandals with high heels. Mostly, all females wear dark colored shoes like brown, gray, and black. Carrying any other accessories like a scarf, hat, and handbags are also common among Persian women. Sunglasses are also worn by most of the females.