What to wear in New York in October

What to wear in New York in OctoberOne of the best month to visit New York is October as the weather is very comfortable with temperatures ranging between 65°F (18°C) and 50°F (10°C). The days are warm with night cold and you can walk on the streets of the city at night and can explore the New York attractions. In this month, you will get many fun activities by Halloween which includes the largest parade for Halloween. But the prices of hotel and air starts rising as the peak travel time starts. Now here you can check out the best tips on what to wear in New York in October.



You should wear a lightweight jacket or a medium weight sweater in the evenings. You should carry your summer clothes for the day but keep some extra layers as maybe you will close to Halloween. As the month of October ends then you cannot wear shorts so keep a jacket, jeans or pants. Girls can wear Tank tops or T-shirts with pants or jeans. Skirts with leggings can also be worn by girls. Hoodies , cardigans and sweatshirts should be worn in the evenings so as to protect yourself from the chilly weather of evenings.


Whenever you are going out then the footwear must be comfortable. Usually a close toe shoe is recommended for the city like New York where you will find lots of crowds in peak season. The use of public transport is more than personal transport so you should wear shoes in which you can walk properly. Preferably, there should be water resistant.


You can wear your summer undershirts as the weather of October does not demand for body warmers. But it is recommended that you should keep layers ready to wear with you so that you can protect yourself from the cold weather in case it becomes very cold in the evenings. The element of uncertainty remains in the month of October so pack your bags carefully and avoid worrying about what to wear in New York in October.


Accessories help to increase the look of your wardrobe and now a day’s everybody wants to look stylish and you will look incomplete without the use of accessories so style your fashion statement with trendy sunglasses, handbags, jewelry etc.. You can keep cotton scarf’s and hats as well.

You can enjoy the bang with Greenwich Village Halloween Parade in October in which hundreds of folks will dress in outrageous wardrobes and more and more people will line on the streets to watch it. Towards the end of October the fall foliage season will began in which you should take a car or a ferry ride with Hudson and do leaf peeping there. The people from North East enjoys the three day weekend that is celebrated on the second Monday known as Columbus Day. So you can be a part of it if planning to go NY in October. So guys enjoy the trip to New York by just packing your bag with these know about onwhat to wear in New York in October.