What to Wear in New York In May

What to Wear in New York In MayNew York City has got various attractions, shopping, dining, nightlife and charm in it so people from all over the world comes to this city to enjoy it. So if you are planning a visit to New York City then here are the best ideas on what to wear in New York in May:

You should make an evaluation of the proposed wardrobe for all types of activities that you have to do in New York before packing your bags. May has got great weather for visiting New York City and also you can enjoy your vacation in less crowds as summer crowds have not yet arrived and this is the perfect time for the New York many walking tours.

The average high temperature of New York is 71°F (22°C) and average low is 55°F (13°C). Always packs an umbrella with you as chances of rain are always there. The day is warm and the evenings are cool.

Outerwear: Keep a win cheater with you as it will protect you from rains and cool winds. A light jacket or a sweater must be with you especially for the evenings. Long pants and jeans should be worn in the evenings and late nights.

Shoes: The shoes should be comfortable as you have to walk on your feet most of the time. The People of New York use public transport more than their personal transport. This is the reason that you should opt for a comfortable shoe. Females should avoid wearing high heels.

Flip flops seem tempting to wear but as they are not durable for the pothole laden streets so you should avoid wearing them. Sneakers with socks seems too hot for the weather of May, so wear sandal with a thick sole. Preferably, wear a closed toe shoes so that the crowded streets will not stop you in the middle of the roads.

Clothing: At day time, its hot while at night the temperature comes down. So you should wear a lightweight dress in light shades. Linen and cotton pants with a T-shirt or top are one of the comfortable clothing options. Avoid wearing tight clothes like jeans and skinny at day time. Carry a nice dress or leggings for the Broadway shows.

Accessories: Carry a few accessories with you to look trendy. Men can wear a nice watch, excellent belt with black or brown. In case you are going for a formal meeting then wear a formal suit with a formal neck tie. Females should carry a few earring and necklaces that can be worn with any type of outfits. Handbag and scarf’s are two other options to accessorize you.

Give full protection to your eyes with ultraviolet protection sunglasses.

There are lots of options to do in New York. So take a good part in all the things and in style. You will get numerous shops to shop in the fashion capital of the world. So don’t worry on what to wear in New York in May as you can shop from there as well.