What to Wear In New York In March

What to Wear In New York In MarchNew York City is the fashion capital of the United States. The people of New York and other countries will definitely enjoy the shopping opportunities that range from vintage to high end fashion. They wear all types of clothes starting from elegant to comfortable dresses. You can stand them only when you will wear something outrageous.

The average temperature of New York is 50°F (10°C) and average low is 35°F (2°C) .There always remains the chances of rains in the month of March so you should always keep an umbrella with you. Normally the temperatures are above freezing with more than 4 inches of precipitation. Now here are the best tips on what to wear in New York in March:

What to Wear in NYC when visiting in March


You must have a waterproof jacket or trench coat as umbrellas will not give you full protection from rains. Sweaters and pullovers are also required as when it rains then the weather becomes cool. Wear long pants or jeans to protect your lower body from the cold.


Wear comfortable shoes with closed toes. The people of New York do not drive much either so you would be opting for public transportation or will cover the distances by walk. So choose your shoes very carefully.

As the weather is unpredictable so always assess it before selecting your routine clothes. The weather conditions can be extreme or not with humidity.


Breezy clothing is recommended for strong humidity weather conditions. Go for light and breathable clothing. In case the indoor temperature is very high due to air condition the wear a light sweater. Always keep in mind the event you have to attend as comfortable clothes are recommended for dinners, Broadway shows or sightseeing.


Wear versatile clothing options like you can pair khaki pants with a nice sweater that is comfortable and look chic. You can take a stroll through Central Park passing through the museums in this outfit. You can wear trendy hats, scarves, sunglasses and jewelry to complete any outfit of yours. You should carry a shawl or a light jacket when it comes to what to wear in New York in March with you so that you can save yourself from the cool winds that start suddenly.

This month is less crowded than April and May so that you can get the best deals on your stay and shopping. St.Patrcik day is celebrated in this month with lots of enthusiasm by the people of New York in this month so all the Pubs that are Irish have full crowds on 17th march. You will not face any trouble during your travel due to no snow in this month. Another unique experience is of Easter Parade that you get in this month.

It would be a great idea to go on your foot for the ultimate sightseeing experience so always carry comfy footwear along with you. It has n number of excellent gyms and spas so in case you are a gymming and fitness freak then carry your swimsuit and gym kit with you.

This city does not experience extreme climatic changes. Also you need not to worry for the cleaning of your laundry as it has galore of cleaners in the city and you can get your laundry cleaned up anytime you want. The people are more interested to wear casual and funky dresses when they are looking options on what to wear in New York in March.