What to Wear In New York In June

What to Wear In New York In JuneNew York is the city that will give you an insight of the big urban cities, small towns, lush backwoods etc.. This city has got several good sightseeing places which you have to visit on your foot. So wear comfortable footwear. The climate of this city is favorable .In June, the temperature ranges between 50-80 degrees with less humidity. There are chances of occasional humidity soaked heat wave but when it comes first time than people feel good. Now when you have to go for a trip to New York then you must be aware of what to wear in New York in June. So check out the best tips here on clothing, accessories, footwear and the best places to visit in New York.

What to wear in NYC in June


New York is one of the best tourist destinations .But one should plan what to wear in New York in June before going out as the summers are very hot. Although all buildings are air conditioned but when you have to walk on the road then take great care and wear light weight and easy clothes. Most of the travelers want to wear shorts during the day and jeans or the evening dresses at night.

Business travelers should wear business clothes with formals and for holidays and for casual days; you can wear casual clothes like jeans with a T-shirt. Light weight dresses are generally recommended to wear in June.


The footwear should always be comfortable. You can wear sneaker, boots or shoes but it is recommended to wear a closed toe shoes as you can protect your feet from any type of injury as to experience the view of New York, you have to walk on your foot most of the time.


The sun rays are very strong so it is better to carry a sunscreen lotion and a good ultra violet protective shade. The chances of rain are always present so it is better to carry a nice umbrella with you. A stylish handbag, jewelry like necklaces and earrings are other options to accessorize you. Men can wear a stylish hat on their head to save from the heat and girls can use a hat or a scarf for the protection from the sun.

Where to Go

Although the hotel prices rises in the spring season but there is no decrease in the tourists in the city in the summers. You have to deal with the odds of the Broadway show tickets. You should head towards Belmont stakes in June and hope to get a Triple Crown Winner. You can also experience the National Puerto Rican Day Parade down 5th Ave in the month of June. By the end of the June, you can take the experience of Jazz festival at the multiple locations like Carnegie Hall or Bryant Park etc.. Museum Mile Festival is celebrated in Mid –June.

So just enjoy the life of New York by exploring each and everything of New York like shopping, sightseeing, huge buildings, nightlife and pack your bags by following these tips on what to wear in New York in June.