What to Wear In New York In January

What to Wear In New York In JanuaryThe average temperature of New York in January on the Highest side is 36°F (4°C) and the average low is 26°F (-3°C).This is one of the coolest month in New York. This city has huge and tall buildings which makes the wind very cold and strong as compared to normal winds. So you must dress yourself properly to protect yourself from the chilly winds. Though this is the coldest month but as the peak season is over with Christmas, you can avail the benefits of cheap accommodations and flights to New York City. You can do shopping at the best prices at post holiday sales in New York City store and can get some good offers from city’s eating lounges as well.

How to Dress In New York In January

You need to balance with style and practical life of New York in the month of January. So you should aim for the protection first rather than going for fashion only. Check out here the best tips on what to wear in New York in the month of January:


You can get protection from the heavy winds and chill by wearing warm coat, parkas and down jackets. The best coat is the coat that extends below the waist. The use of insular lined coat and thick pea coat is recommended. In case you want to avoid wearing expensive stuff then Gotham is a famous place to buy second hand jackets and vintage apparels. To get full protection from the windy and chilly weather, you should wear woolen scarf or hat with thick gloves.

Inner-wear and Underwear: The fabrics that are woolen, tweed or cashmere are recommended to wear.Preferably,you should go for wearing dark colors like black,gray and navy blue as they retain heat for longer time.

Wear woolen tights and wear them under your skirt, sundresses, pants and jeans. Long underwear or stretch pants should be worn under it.

Wear Layers: As the weather is unpredictable so keep layers ready to wear. In indoors, you can wear a single layer but in outdoors you have to wear extra layers. So keep extra jacket, pullovers and toasty wraps ready and wear them before going out and when snow falls. Also wear fitted layers as they add dimension and style to your wardrobe. Make a blend of patterns with textures like tweed with curves, leather with wool and polka dots with faux fur.

Shoes or boots: As the weather is cold and snowy so there is always a chance of slippery conditions on road. So choose your footwear very carefully. Waterproof Boots or go lasses helps you to keep your feet protected and dry. In case the weather is clear then you can wear your regular shoes or boots. But it is better to avoid wearing heels as they carry a risk of sprain or fall.

Use accessories to look stylish: Now while fighting to protect yourself from the cold weather; you can still be stylish by wearing patterned hats or scarf, stylish mittens and trendy bulky coats. You can keep a fur or a stylish bag with a leather jacket.