What to Wear In New York In December

What to Wear In New York In DecemberIf you are planning a trip to New York in December then be prepared to get overwhelmed by lots of people across the city as excitement will be seen in the sight and pace of life there. New York is a busy and exciting city to visit. It is the fashion hub of the United States. You will see everybody in real style over there. You can also explore latest styles by looking at some fashion magazines. You have to balance your style with practicality over there. The average temperature on the high side is 44°F (7°C) and as low as 32°F (0°C). So be prepared for it and don’t let the cold weather stop you from looking the beauty of the city in winters.

This city is not meant to go in a plain dowgy outfit with zero style in it. So just follow some of the tips on clothing and accessories and pack your bags accordingly.

Clothes to Wear in December in New York


The weather conditions may lead to slippery roads with ice on it. So wear a footwear with treads or soles with proper grip. For extremely bad weather, you should buy a warmly lined, waterproof boots. These boots are stylish and inexpensive. Make sure that they are tall enough to keep snow out of your shoes. You should always carry your indoor shoes separately. Heels should be avoided as the weather is not of wearing heels in December and puts you at a risk of getting sprains, ankle twist and wet feet.

Clothing for Men

Warm blazers and jackets are recommended to wear as they will protect you from winds and cold. Other options to protect you from the chilly weather and heavy winds are to wear parkas and down jackets. Better to wear a coat that will go beyond your waist as they offer the best protection from colds. The people of New York prefer wearing Black blazers. Gotham is famous for its vintage and second hand stores. You should try searching for this one if you are looking for cheaper options. You will get it in different colors in second hand stores. Men can also wear thermals with jeans or pants.

Clothing for Women

Females can wear any blended patterns or textures like tweed, polka dots, leather, stripes etc. with jackets, hoods, cardigans and long coats. Bulky sweaters will look outdated when paired with ill fitted clothes, so wear a fitted bottom wear. You should keep some thick tights as you can wear them with skirts, dresses and jeans. Stretch pants or long underwear will also help to give you some heat to fight with chilly weather. Denim is a susceptible option as they can get wet easily. Neutral winter bottoms like thick slacks can be paired with any types of tops, jackets and accessories.


Be trendy by using accessories like a stylish scarf, woollen or patterned hats with bright mittens or thick gloves. An elegant scarf or brooch will give you a professional look at New York. Kids can wear a furry hat with a leather jacket or a bright colored sweater and can carry a jungle or a Disney character handbag.