What to Wear In New York In April

What to Wear In New York In AprilThe weather of New York in April is not as austere as February but you may need a warm clothes sometimes. The temperature will remain in the range of 45-65.The chances of snow are too less. Make sure that you carry an umbrella with you as sometimes rains occur.

The weather becomes pleasant leading to hike in air fares and accommodation. It is difficult to choose the dress to wear in the month of April as one moment it becomes warm while the other it becomes cold. Here you can check out the best tips on what to wear in New York in April:

Layered Clothes

You should try to retain your comfort while using layering as when you are feeling hot then you can remove your outer layer and when it becomes cold then you can put on your outer layers. You should always carry some good dresses suitable for the spring season when you are looking options on what to wear in New York in April.

In case you have a bulky body then you should wear hidden layers as outer layering gives a bulky look. If you want to wear a dress from the spring summer collection then wear a top under it for indoor parties and for outdoor parties, you can wear a thermal as well.


A cardigan or a jumper with cashmere or thicker jersey material is one of the best options when you are looking at what to wear in New York in April. Avoid wearing blend of poly and cotton. Wear nice slacks and a good T shirt top or nice dress or a skirt with a blouse or top.

Now when you are thinking about what to wear in New York in April While going outside at night for a walk it is better to wear a winter coat as the weather becomes cool .Tights that are of thin material should be worn under dresses or skirt and if you don’t want to wear it then you must keep it in your handbag so that when the weather becomes hot then you can wear it.

Recent trend of New York

The recent trend on what to wear in New York in April is of tailored clothes as they fit as per the body contours of a person. So spend some money in tailored trousers and tight fitting pencil skirt. These options are versatile as you can wear them with polo neck tees, jersey tops or buttoned blouses.

To look smart in formal occasions, you should wear a tailored jacket with a high collar and lapels.


The shoes should be comfortable since you will be walking around to visit different places. You can wear sneakers, shoes, boots or anything you want but you must ensure that it is comfortable. For formal meetings, wear formal shoes or boots.


The accessories should be chosen as per the place where you are going and the occasion. For casual outings, you can use stylish handbags, hair accessories, funky sunglasses, trendy shoes will definitely add style to what to wear in New York in April but for formal meetings, you should stick to minimum accessories like a handbag and simple glares.