What to Wear in Italy in May

What to Wear in Italy in MayWhenever you are planning a travel to any city the first question that comes to mind is what to wear. All Italians have an unparalleled approach to the fashion world. The brands of Italy are the most recognizable brands as compared to other countries. So you should wear the appropriate dress as wearing the wrong clothes may put you in a feeling of out of place, uncomfortable and will spoil your planned holiday. At the same time, if you are wearing the clothes according to the city you are visiting then it will help you to blend with the city and increase the pleasure out of your whole vacation.

Clothing for Men and Women

Italy is blessed with a mild climate and in May you will need light clothes. Shorts are not worn by the people of this city so avoid wearing them especially with tank tops as you won’t be able to visit any of the famous religious destinations of Italy by wearing shorts. The temperature may drop in the late evenings especially near the hilly areas or seaside so carry a light jacket or cardigan to protect you from the cold.

People are often seen in a funky look with sleeveless shirts, short pants and designer slippers. You should choose the T-shirt style keeping in view your physique and you can wear any type of neck style in Italy in bold colors with any pattern. These shirts when wear with short pants gives a youth full look and are perfect for teens. Adding any type of accessories will make you in a position to get noticed. So go on for wearing sunglasses, watches, handbags etc..Girls can wear any dresses, jeans, trousers, skirts. They can wear jewelry with less of makeup. You can wear jeans, short pants, pants of any color or brands you like.

The weather is unstable in May so it is better to wear clothes in multiple layers with a pair of denim. The benefit of wearing layers is you can adjust to the weather by adding or removing your multiple layers.


Wear comfortable shoes and avoid wearing heels as you have to walk a lot as all renaissance towns are not built to have convenience of cars all the time and most of the city centers in Italy are in close proximity to traffic. So to enjoy the beauty of Italy be prepared to walk in your foot in a happy mood.

Swimming Costumes

Swimming costumes are lighter and smaller in size when compared to Americans. So in case you are planning a beach holiday then it will be a good place to show off yourself in a tight bikini. Otherwise the general dressing style of the Italians is smart casuals.

Another important thing to be mentioned here is that in Italy laundry service is rare and even if it is available then it is very expensive. So check out the details of your accommodation and pack your bags accordingly.

Italy is a well oiled fashion originator city so you can also shop from there and wear whatever you like or need in this city.