What to wear in Italy in June

What to wear in Italy in June


June is the peak traveling month in Italy. The weather in the month of June is pleasant and visitors from all over the country come to spend holidays in Italy. This is one of the popular holiday destinations for the month of June. So when you are planning to spend your holidays in Italy then you need to prepare yourself for being patient and have more time to meet up with the requirements of large crowds.

The weather of summers ranges from pleasantly warm to hot and it all depends upon the region in Italy. With little variations in the weather, the weather of Italy is very lovely with beautiful scenery to take lots of pictures.

Clothes to Wear In Italy in June

The month of June for traveling to Italy is expensive because of larger number of people from different parts of the country come here to rise in prices of hotel rooms, rentals cars and flights to Italy.  But you can enjoy the best weather in June who is warm but not very hot. Check out the tips on what to wear in Italy in June:


Select some neutral colored shorts that you can wear with chinos or skirts. Short sleeves or without sleeves are the best for this time but you can also wear long sleeve Kurt as to prevent your skin from sun rays. Shorts, Capris and slacks can also be worn depending upon the timings on the whole day and the variations in weather. Shabbily dresses people will not be allowed by the Vatican and St. Peters. No minis, no short shorts, tank tops and flip flops are seen on the roads of Italy. Although people of Italy are not conservative but do not wear tops with bare shoulder when you have to visit churches.


Bikini’s are the norm for the beaches but one piece is also not unheard in Italy. Instead they are more popular in aqua parks and swimming pools.


You need to walk around to explore different things so choose footwear that is stylish and comfortable. Select a pair of sneakers for home and casual outings but it should be a designer one. Gladiator sandals can also be worn. Here you should invest in a pair of comfortable all purpose walking shoes or sandal.


Italian women accessorize with sunglasses, headbands, jewelry, belt, etc. so use them to look more local. To minimize the things in your bag, carry neutral colors that mix and match and then use accessories with different outfits. Accessorize yourself with stylish handbags, sunglasses and scarfs and hats. Sunglasses and scarfs will look trendy and will also save you from the sun rays. You can also use umbrellas to protect your whole body. A white umbrella is a good idea to carry as it will prevent heat. Scarfs will help you to cover and wrap your shoulder or waist when you have to visit churches as they don’t allow bare arms.

While deciding on what to wear in Italy in June you should avoid carrying a backpack as it signals as you are a tourist rather go for a side or shoulder bag which you can keep close to your body.