What to Wear in Italy in July

What to Wear in Italy in July


Travelling is very pleasant and at the same time it is tiring and energy consuming. When you are on any vacation or on trip you have to decide first what you will wear on that particular day. Sometimes, you can pay less attention on dress code when anywhere in world but when in Italy choose even a single dress very wisely as Italy Travels expects more in fashion.

Italy is well known for their style sense and fashion. People really become conscious of fashion and style statement when they are in Italy known as the most fashionable place. If you want to look good at that place then you need to make some of changes in your wardrobe according to below mentioned tips.

Here you can get the idea what to wear in Italy in July

Wear Too Casual

While you are at home or travelling anywhere in the world you should opt the dress that matches your comfort zone. But it should also look fashionable and khaki shorts are the perfect for you. So, pair your khaki shorts with a navy blue t- shirt or any other deep color of your choice. You can wear tennis shoes and baseball cap along with the dress. This style will match the fashion sense of Italians.

Even in Italy casual dress means you have worn much more dresses than your usual regular dress. It can be skirts or light pair of linen pants as shorts are not much welcomed there. Ladies can opt for tank tops, polo shirts or button down but not logo T- shirts. They used to wear brown or black walking shoes and even choose flat tennis shoes. They are very conscious about the dressing sense and so be aware that you are not wearing clothes which are not ironed.

Pick the Black

It is possible that your admiral looks like rainbow because of presence of all colored clothes there. But when you are Italy then your answer should be black colored dresses. The black colored dresses should be little casual and should not be type of attention grabbing. Also, black is a color that always makes you look fashionable and it can’t be outdated. You can also try mauve or lime green colored dresses as they soothe you in summer season. It’s not that you are restricted to wear only these two – three colors as you are free to choose a dress with hot color. Go with perfect shoes and handbags along with that.

Purses are Must

Travelers usually don’t carry purses as they have their backpacks but remember they are not purses they are just backpacks and can’t make you look stylish. Otherwise, choose a backpack which is not that bulky and obstinate as they are ideal for beach and same for other places. You can go for simple ones are there are variety of stylized leather bags available in market. Also, they are present in all sizes. So, choose which one suits you most.