What to Wear In 70 Degree Weather

What to Wear In 70 Degree WeatherThe temperature of 70 degrees is not very harmful when compared to around 90 to more than 100 degrees temperature. But you should wear the right type of clothes to prevent any type of heat related illness as an excess of heat in the body leads to dehydration, stroke, sunstroke, exhaustion and sunburn problems. These problems when continues for longer duration then it may lead to heart disease also. Make sure that the dress you wear is comfortable. The immunity and type of skin of every person are different so while choosing the clothes you should always keep this thing in your mind.

How To Dress For 70-Degree Weather

Use of Accessories

When the temperature is 70 degrees then you should protect your head, face and body. A hat will protect your head, face and neck. Wear good ultra violet protected sunglasses to give protection to your eyes. You can also carry an umbrella to get shade while walking. In case you have more concern to look trendy and as per the latest fashion hen don’t worry you can wear jeans and capris with short sleeve tops or shirts. Cotton scarf can also be used to cover your face from sun rays.

Protect your Upper Body

When you are at your home or at any indoor place then wearing fewer clothes if there is no provision of air conditioning. When you have to stay outdoors like on a beach than it is for obvious that you will wear less clothes but before going out make sure that you have applied sunblock to the exposed body parts .Tank tops or T-shirts of light shades is also a good option to wear as they reflect the rays of the sun off from the body.

Protect your Lower Body

When there is no provision of air conditioners then wearing bathing suit in the indoors is a good option. In public areas, men can wear swimming trunks or shorts. Women can wear bathing suit bottoms while at the beach or at home but the shorts should be loose and light shades. Loose skirts and shorts are a good choice then short pants as they prevent sweating to get evaporate.

Protect Your Feet

You need to give proper protection to your feet as well. So always wear sandals that when you need to walk in paved areas, inside your home or on the beach. In case you need the grip of your feet or have to climb up on hikes then you should wear shoes in light shades. Boots and shoes should have airflow holes and should be light in weight.

Changes in humidity levels

Be aware of the changes in the daily temperature and the humidity levels as you can change your clothes as per the humidity levels in the atmosphere. This will help you to wear the right type of clothes as per the weather conditions. The chances of any type of disease decreases when a person wears the right type of clothes.

So enjoy every type of weather by just taking care of some basic things like your clothing, footwear and accessories.