What To Wear In 60 Degree Weather

What To Wear In 60 Degree WeatherIt is somewhat tricky on what to wear in 60 degrees Fahrenheit .The right type of attire helps you to make your vacation enjoyable. The type of activity you have to do and the health status helps to determine the right type of clothing for the temperature you have to live in. A healthy person needs a light jacket and elderly and young child needs additional layering to feel cozy and stay protected.

So one should take into consideration the following tips while deciding on what to wear in 60 degree temperature.

How to Dress for 55 to 60 Degree Weather

Personal Preferences

What is the personal likes and dislikes of a person and what type of dressing makes a person feel comfortable. Different parts of the human body responds differently to different types of temperature. If your legs are feeling warmer then wear short and wear a full sleeves T-shirt to protect your arms. Always wear a thin shirt as the base for all your clothes. This is because cotton insulates the heat in a poor way when it is wet so wear a polyester so as to hold back the sweat. The kids have thin skin than adults so make sure the kids are wearing a thicker fabric than you.

Dress in Layers

The outer layer should be of medium thickness. The middle temperature can be dealt with dressing yourself in layers. So you should try to wear and remove the clothes depending upon the regulation of the heat by the body. Wearing a skirt with leggings and full sleeve shirt is a good idea. You can also wear tank top of short sleeve under the full sleeve shirt and can remove it if feels hot. You can also wear shorts under your pants and can remove the pants if it feels hot. Short sleeve dresses can be won with cardigans and jackets. It is a better idea to keep yourself prepared to fight with all types of temperature.


For all those people who are more conscious with the fashion statement, dressing is not only for comfort for them. They want to look stylish and also want to save themselves from the weather changes. White jeans and Capris can be worn with full sleeve shirts or short sleeve tank tops. Tank tops can also be worn with trousers and pants. You should keep career jackets, trench coats and cardigans so that when you start feeling cold then you can wear them. To perform your daily activities, wear thick pants or jeans .The lower half body can be kept safe with just a medium thick layered clothes.

Daily Schedule and Humidity Levels

The schedule of your day also determines what to wear as if have to go outside then try to wear clothes that will keep moisture away from your skin. Make sure that your hands and feet feel cold as compared to other parts of the body especially when you are playing any sports and have to do any outdoor activities. The humidity of the weather also determines the clothing so adjust it according to it. A humid and without cloud weather is warmer as compared to humid weather without sun.