What Jewelry to Wear With Turquoise Dress

What Jewelry to Wear With Turquoise DressTurquoise color symbolizes the compassion, peace healing and truth. So, this bright color can fit to different occasion and can look vibrant, earthy and peaceful. Turquoise is known to be very decent color and after wearing the same you would look beautiful and gorgeous. The main thing that you should consider is what jewelry to wear with turquoise dress because jewelry is what that can enhance your style statement. When you have worn the exact jewelry with your turquoise dress then it can make you look fabulous on your dinner date, family function or over any of the special occasion. So, to add turquoise color to the wardrobe is not that bad idea.

How to Wear Turquoise Jewelry

Try to match some Neutral Colors– Brown, black, white and beige are known to be neutral colors and also they look wonderful when you match that with turquoise like with a turquoise colored skirt you can wear white, black or any colored top. You can also wear a turquoise dress with brown accents or as accessories wear leather belts and shoes. You can also wear a shirt of turquoise color and wear a khakis or dark jeans with it. Gold or silver jewelry can make you look perfect.

Vintage– during 50s and 60s this color was used very much. People who love to have retro look should definitely use this color. You can also pair your turquoise color dress along with some bold colors like red, brown, and orange. To make your look more vibrant you can choose large prints and would have wonder contrast. As accessories you can wear hoop earrings and with platform shoes so that you can look complete.

Tropical Look- In most of the tropical theme the vibrant and brightness of the turquoise color can be used. Wear bright pink and beige colored dress combined with turquoise. The fabric of your dress should have larger beach type prints. You can also combine pale yellow or orange color with your dress.

Oceanic– To get beach look and feel to your dress you have to combine your turquoise colored dress with oceanic color and then nothing can be better than a white or light beige color. But remember your dress should not be heavy as keeping it simple will make you feel good. Never try some dark colors as pairs because it can weigh down the color scheme.

Some Avoidable Colors and Tips– As you know turquoise is a very energetic color and you can pair any of the color with your dress but there are some colors that you should avoid. For the purpose, you have to keep away from grassy, dark or pale green colors. If the dress or style will go heavy then the vibrancy of the color will not work for you. If you are lover of the red color then remember this color should only be paired when you want to be in retro theme. Don’t wear dark blues or rich purples because it can spoil the calmness and lightness of the color. Also, wearing heavy jewelry will also not good option for you as it avoid spoil you look.