What Jewelry to Wear with Pink Dress

what jewelry to wear with pink dressHave you chosen a pink dress for that special occasion? Well pink can be one of the most girlish colors available today. However too pinky can make you look like a flower girl or a bridesmaid! To avoid such wardrobe disasters, you must consider an expert who can guide you about what to wear with a pink dress to give you a royal look that you been craving for! Jewelry to be adorned with a pink dress needs special attention as this color attire demands sophistication and elegance of a queen rather than looking like a “miss pinky” candy little girl of the tea parties. Planning your dress is very important. Not only the color but the design of your dress will also determine what type of jewelry will be good for it. Most of the parties today have a theme so you can decide your dress as well as the accessories accordingly. However if you are looking for what jewelry to wear with pink dress, you can get a good idea from this article –

Best Accessories or Jewelry for Pink Dress

Metallic jewelries – The market is flooded with metal jewelries that have the sparkling color of silver, bronze, golden or copper. Any of these can go well with a pink dress if the makeup is also in sync with the jewelry. Almost all the metallic shades look very stylish with pink dress. If the pink dress have any specific metallic embellishments like sequins, belts, brooches etc.; choose the color of the jewelry teaming with that. A metallic necklace, bracelet and earrings are perfect of any evening. However if you wish to accessorize less, only an earring and bracelet are perfect. These jewelries usually have plastic base with a metallic coating on them.

Pure gold jewelry – Usually baby pink dresses do not look good with pure gold jewelry, but if you are on the pother shades of pink that have a tinge of maroonish, reddish, orangish or peach effect; Gold jewelry creates magic. This gives a pure classical look to the woman. The craze of gold jewelry is seen among women from decades. When coupled with a bright pink dress, it can create a very vibrant and confident look.

Silver ornament – Pure silver ornament is seen to go really well with pink shades; for women who prefer to stay more stylish and sophisticated, a silver theme will suit the best. Silver earrings coupled with bracelet can create the glamorous look that every woman craves for. These kind of silver jewelries are often found to have stone settings on them; they also bring an elegant touch to the decked up lady.

Diamond Jewelry – As we all know, diamonds are favorites for women. When it is a pink dress that denotes class and elegance, what can be a better choice than diamonds? Sleek and chic diamond jewelry designs are easily available these days that can be well teamed up with pink dresses. Long chandelier earrings set with diamonds can be just one enough accessory to set you apart in a pink dress.

Pink pearl jewelry – Although pearls are best suited for older women, nowadays many young ladies also prefer pearls when they go for formal parties. Pink dresses when ornamented with pink pearls give a very soothing touch to the personality of the person. The pinkish tinge of the pearls actually reflects the color at its best.