What Jewelry to Wear With Maxi Dress

What Jewelry to Wear With Maxi DressPeople who don’t have tall height usually feels very confused when to choose a perfect dress for them but maxi dress is made for them as it will help them to look taller than their age. If the dress material is closer to body then you can even look slimmer too. So, perfect dress to look slimmer and taller than your physique is nothing but maxi dress. Next problem is for you what jewelry to wear with maxi dress. So following given are some of the ideas for you.

How to Accessorize a Maxi Dress

Long Pendant- When you wear a perfect shape maxi dress then it makes you look slimmer, leaner and taller as well. Then you should try a long pendant necklace with that. By trying this you can lengthen the frame and it would help to get eye into middle. If you would have V cut dress then wearing long pendant along with that not only make you look stylish but elegant as well. If you love stylish or fashion jewelry then you can try some different pendants like a silver butterfly pendant or pearl, gold or diamond and even some studded pendants looks good with both formal and traditional wear.

Long Length Neckpiece– This kind of jewelry is good to wear with V cut maxi dress and make you look wonderful. You can also try two or three round neckpiece. Some of the options for you are choker style or necklace that sits neatly round your neck. This will provide you versatile and stunning look. Most important thing is that any lady of any age can try these neckpieces with their maxi dress.

Don’t forget the Fabulous Earrings– When you have tried maxi dress then should not forget wearing perfect pair of earrings with that. You have to try wearing earrings that are sturdy and that should be light and maintains elegance in that.

Jewelry for Arms– You will look complete and perfect when you have worn elegant neckpiece, earrings and beautiful bracelet or arms or wrist band with that. A stylish wire cuff made with silver or gold is best to try with a black colored maxi dress. Always try to be simple and some of the simple but beautiful bracelet suggestions for you are simple chain bracelet, single liner bracelet or a pearl bracelet. If you are wearing a large printed maxi dress then you should keep in mind that simple and elegant jewelry is great for you.

Shoes- Actually shoes can’t call the jewelry but this accessory is most important. Even it is able to complete your look. You can wear some flat strappy sandals, flip flops and gladiators with that. This is best one for simple outing or your normal occasions. When you have worn formal maxi dress then you can wear high heels with your dress, it will not only add inches to your height but you would look perfect and become able to drag the extra attention in the party.