What Jewelry to Wear with Gold Dress

what jewelry to wear with gold dressFor decades people have used gold color only in their jewelry but now it’s high time to use it in your dresses too! Both the gold and silver dresses are becoming quite popular among women and it has become the new style trend. Gold is not the color for brides only, now a gold gown can be worn to gather the limelight. However accessorizing your gold dress can be a major problem. The most frequently worn gold jewelry is a big no! Silver jewelry is the second most popular among women which will be a big disaster if you wear it with a gold dress. If you are also confused about what jewelry to wear with gold dress that you must opt for, here are a few tips that you must consider.

Matching Jewelry to Match Your Gold Dress

Eye popping navy blue jewelry: The contrast of gold and eye popping navy blue is a beautiful combination and if your dress is a deep neck dress, you can try wearing a heavy navy blue necklace that will accentuate your neckline and give you a bolder look! The type of your dress will determine whether you should wear a neckpiece or not but earrings are must. For traditional look, opt for big bulky earrings. However a sleek earring gives you a more modern look.

Dark brown: Dark brown colored jewelry is also ideal for a gold dress. There is a lot of fashion jewelry available in the market. You can opt for a dark brown jewelry which will enhance your look and make you look like a diva!

Diamond jewelry: A diamond set is ideal if your dress is not too shimmery. Though it may make you look very vibrant but the combination is quite in after it was explored by some of the top celebrities. Diamond jewelry to match your gold dress will give a glamorous celebrity look.

Pink jewelry: Pink jewelry will give you a more princess look and is ideal for women of younger age. This combination is suited for women of lighter skin tones. There are a lot of dark pink jewelries in the market and you can easily choose your own set!

What suits you the best is the question?

No matter whether you are choosing a dress or jewelry, you must know what suits you the best. Though you can wear anything according to your choice but the colors that will suit your skin tone will make you look the best. The same is applied to your jewelry too. Gold dress looks perfect on people with lighter skin tones. If you have such a skin tone, you will also not face any problem in choosing an appropriate jewelry for it. Any of the above mentioned jewelry can be used. The only difference lies on the occasion and the way you wish to look. For a more feminine look, you can choose pink jewelry. On the contrary, a blue or brown jewelry will make you look more elegant and stylish.

Team up your gold dress with the appropriate jewelry and perfect makeup to shine like a diva!