What Jewelry Do You Wear With A One Shoulder Dress

What Jewelry Do You Wear With A One Shoulder DressIt is your style that would help to decide the jewelry that you have to wear with your dress but if your plans are to wear one shoulder dress then it is a challenge to choose the perfect one for you. There are so many jewelry options which would help you to get a perfect look by wearing with your outfit. One shoulder dress is a stylish and chic and it is perfect one for ladies to wear on her wedding day, prom gowns and for formal evening wear. One shoulder dress are known to be dramatic and make you looks stunning so, you should know what jewelry do you wear with a one shoulder dress. For that here mentioned are some of the essential tips for you.

Get the Best neckpieces for you

When you wear a long necklace with your one shoulder dress then it makes you look elegant. Usually it has become bit difficult to accessorize your one shoulder top or any dress. So, you need to get the best neckpieces as it is must to enhance the style of the neckline. You can also try wearing a simple or delicate pendant along with a thin chain. It is helpful to showcase your slanted neckline. It is not hidden that diamonds are ladies best choice and even it is helpful to wear with one shoulder dress. If you have shorter neck then you can choose a choker set. Choker will compliment your slim neck and so you will be able to drag all attention to your pretty face. Y- Shaped necklace having a dangling gem in middle is a great option for one shoulder dress. Some of the other options for you are long lariat necklace, knotted neckpiece and long draped diamond neckpiece.

Don’t Forget to Own Best Earrings

When you are to choose earrings then the best one for you is dangling earrings. You can also try studs with your one shoulder dress. One shoulder dress has some little puffiness and ruffles and so it would be good for you to wear the matching earrings with your neckpieces.


As you have worn one shoulder dress then you would have bare arms and that make it more important to wear the beautiful and elegant bracelet. You can simply wear a diamond bracelet in your hand. You have to wear the bracelet in the hand which has no sleeve which will help to make a visual balance. You can also wear an arm cuff which will make you look sexy and sensual as well.

Get the best Makeup

Usually makeup is not come in the category of jewelry but when it is done perfectly then it can come in the category of accessorizing yourself. If you are planning to wear bold diamonds or heavy jewelries then you should keep your makeup minimal and elegant as well. If it would be higher too then it will overpower your looks. If you have a dramatic eye makeup then it would be good for you to make you lip makeup simple as well.