What Do Women Wear in Brazil

What Do Women Wear in BrazilBrazilian styles usually roam around the bikinis and flip flops. But today we will look at what do women wear in Brazil expect these things. Their dress includes bold shades and designs. It is comfortable, vibrant and even decorated with laces (often).

Brazilian Culture

For the purpose, you need to understand the culture of Brazil well. Most of the part of the country is tropical. The weather in Brazil remains hot and so people used to prefer wearing informal, comfortable and casual clothes. For formal occasions like receptions or any parties women opted for formal dresses. Rio de Janeiro is popular beach clothing and this particular dress is worn by women when they are going to take sunbath.

Traditional Clothing

Traditional clothes plays important role to describe the culture and tradition of the country and the same thing goes with the Brazil. Brazil is known worldwide for their stylish, vibrant yet erudite cloth styles. It is a country which has different climatic conditions according to regions and so the dresses vary from region to region. Usually they prefer wearing colorful, beautifully crafted and comfortable clothes. Also, they wear it with beautiful accessories.

Usually traditional clothes are worn in Bahia. Traditional dress includes long full skirt, colorful shawl and a head scarf. As accessories they used to wear beaded bracelets andĀ neck-piecesĀ  Also, they use beads and feathers to make their hairstyles. Brazilian culture is supplemented with music, arts, literature and multicultural cuisine. This place becomes wonderful at the time of carnival. The charm of parade at that time becomes double when people used to wear colorful costumes. In the southern part of Brazil, people used to wear European clothes mainly Spanish and Italian. Truly Traditional Brazilian attire is worn throughout the country and even the dress material are cotton which is inexpensive and also suitable according to climatic conditions.

Brazilian Bikini

Whenever someone wants to know what women wear in Brazil, most of the people answered bikini. Typical Brazilian bikini has a cut and it goes very high on hips and covered very less part of pelvic bone in the front. A kind of bikini named Tanga provides coverage. Even the top of the bikinis covered very less part. They have triangular shaped top which covered the breast area with its fabric cups and are made in the shape of triangle. You can get the exact idea if you have seen or wear halter top but the thing is halter top uses bit more fabric. They also uses one more top named bandeau, it is actually a slender tube top.

Dresses for Urban Brazil

Urban areas of Brazil used to wear modern clothes. They prefer wearing short dresses specially skirts. Even Brazilian women love to wear jeans. There jeans means tight fitted and loosely tapering from the feet jeans. Also, it comes in wide variety, textures and most importantly in styles. Even northeast region people used to wear hat, coat and leather chaps.