A Couple Different Ways of Nose Hair Removal

Best Way to Remove Nose HairOvergrown nose hairs are commonly associated with old age, but they can become overgrown during youth too depending on various factors, including genetics. Along with mucus, nose hairs protect us from pollutants such as carbon, soot, and various forms of bacteria. But when your nose garden goes from well-trimmed hedges to overgrown forest, it’s time to take action! What are some ways of nose hair removal you can employ to get yourself looking suave again?

The Best Nasal Hair Removal Methods

The internet is awash with hair myths, so it’s hard to know the best method to go for. Plucking with a tweezers is one thing that you could try, and it is effective. However, experts say that this will cause a lot of damage to the follicle over time. In addition to this, the tweezers approach can be very painful. Despite the fact that many pluck, it should, for the aforementioned reasons, be placed on the non-beneficial side of spectrum of the ways of nose hair removal.

Waxing is another common way of getting rid of hair. That’s right, waxing—and it’s not just for girls. While far less painful than plucking, overboard waxing habits may also damage the hair follicles over time. Moderation is important.

Perhaps you’ve seen ads on late night television for products with funny sounding names that can be obtained for $19.95, or have seen them in your local drug store with one of those big red “As Seen on TV!” stickers. These can be useful tools for the job, as can their more expensive cousins at the likes of Sharper Image. The downside here is that you must use a product like this continually. But really, it is a far healthier and much more painless alternative to plucking and would blend right into your hygienic routine. After a while, using such a nose trimmer would be no different than brushing your teeth or swabbing out your ears.

With all the different ways of nose hair removal available to people, it is always a good idea to ask your family doctor what’s right for you before beginning any regimen of nose hair removal. Having said that, removing unsightly nose hair might be a small thing, but it will greatly enhance your looks. Now that beats buying a new outfit!