Wardrobe Essential For College Girls

college girl wardrobe essentialsMost of the girls face the problem to maintain a right wardrobe with all the essential and trendy things in it but they are always confused when it comes which one to buy and which one won’t to buy as they also don’t want clothes to become unwearable for next season. This problem leads to an unnecessary gathering of huge clothes in their wardrobe. To solve this confusion, here I will help you to on what to have in your wardrobe:

Jeans: Jeans is one of the basic things that every college girl must have in her wardrobe. Firstly; decide which brand gives you the best fitting then keep a stock of 4-5 pairs of jeans in different washes. Keep on rotating these jeans throughout the week. You can also keep one trendy style in it like jaggings or wide leg jeans depending upon the current trend.

One piece dress: This is one of the easiest outfits to wear as the entire dress is one piece. Fashion experts say that every college girl must have a little black dress as black is classy. But make sure it fits you well and suits your skin tone which is not necessary a black color.

Tank tops: Another essential is to have some basic color tank tops like black, white, red and gray. You can wear these tops alone in summers or in winters under cardigans, jackets and coats. Make sure that the tops are 100% cotton so that it will blend with the fabric of your bra as it looks shabby when the outline of your bra looks under your top.

Handbag: A handbag of perfect size that can carry your basic makeup kit, essential documents and it has some pockets to hold money in the form of coins and notes so that you can keep your bag in an organized manner.

Casual Flats: Wearing a casual flat is inexpensive and essential for the spring season. Buying one basic and one bright color will work and you can buy more if your pocket allows. Some other trends in these colors can be purchased according to the current trend.

Long boots: A pair of long boots is must for winter season. You can go for buying a black or brown color boot as these color matches with all types of outfit and clothes colors.