Very Short Layered Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Very Short Layered Hairstyles for Women Over 50If you are 50 plus then it doesn’t mean that at this age you can’t look stylish or you have to make compromise with the great hair. Even at this age you can manage to look beautiful and stylish. Following are some of the very short hairstyles for women over 50. So, you can take a look and choose well.

Impressive Short Hairstyles For Women Over 50

Polished but Full Bodied Bob– It is a kind of smooth, fully asymmetrical bob haircuts which is able to frame the face. At this age, it might possible that you have some age spots over the facial area and these frames are right to hide them. Also, the hairstyle has fringe pieces which are suitable for lightening the facial area. To make that style, apply styling product all over your hair and then blow dry them well. Now, use a hair brush and flat iron to make them look smoother. You can end the look with applying hairspray also it would keep humidity away from hair.

Young at Heart Flirty Hair- It is a super short hairstyle and so easy to manage. In this style, there is a little length on the top of head. To make this style, you need to apply volumizing mousse over hair and then use a blow dryer to it. Brush your hair with round brush. Use a flat iron at the ends of your hair. Now, you have to make a side part of your hair and swept the bangs so that it looks presentable and smoother. End the whole look with hairspray.

Sexy Pixie- It is super short as well as super sexy hairstyle which saves your worry and time to manage your hairstyle. To make this style, first, wash your hair and when it becomes dry then apply styling product all over it. Now, you have to chop all the hair using a razor and so it would provide you best texture in your cut. Now, you have to just move your fingers in your hair and your style are ready and also, you can look presentable.

Chic and Fabulous Hair- This is a short yet sweet hairstyle and requires very less maintenance. You can make amendments in the feature of this hairstyle according to the shape of your face and it is the best part of this style. You can cut your hair short, as short as you like and then use a mini iron and straighten them. Now, make a side part of your hair and final the style with hairspray.

Flipped out Bob- With the growing age, most of the ladies have to face hair problems and the main one among them is thining of hair but if you choose this style then definitely you would have lot of hair texture and volume. Chop your hair very short. To make this style, blows dry your hair and then flat the bottom of your hair using flat iron. Now, at the bottom apply some styling gel so that the hair would stand at its place.