How To Achieve A V Shaped BodyBody builders have to go through vigorous sessions of lifting weights, exercising and dieting to achieve the perfect v-shaped toned up body. The muscles of the upper body – the neck, arms, shoulders, back, chest, and abdomen – are usually taut and slightly broader than the lower body, thus the v-shape. The thighs and the calves are usually firm and chiseled out.

To attain this kind of physique, a staunch discipline has to be observed where training is concerned. A skillful fitness trainer who can gauge your body strengths and weaknesses is important to have. This will ensure that you do not push your body beyond what it can take, yet keep a consistent, workable and productive training session each day. Because a lot of weight lifting is required to achieve a v-shaped toned up body, a weekly schedule that works different parts of the body would be presentable. This will help build a routine plus evade straining certain parts of the body excessively. Exercises required include pull-ups, bench presses, lateral raise, push-ups and crunches just to mention a few.

A nutritional regime is also crucial to achieving the v-shaped toned body. Foods that will add energy to the body are essential due to the strenuous work outs. The body is constantly changing during this period of toning it up. This calls for healthy foods that will help regain lost nutrients as well as to help build up and maintain the new body shape. Most nutritionist will recommend that you have at least six small meals a day to keep the body well supplied. Consumption of foods high in fiber and sufficient protein will do the body good during this demanding period. Supplements are also necessary especially multi-vitamins and multi-minerals. These should go hand in hand with your nutritional regime. However, make sure you take them at the allocated times and in the right proportion. Make sure you drink water or energy drinks before and after your work out. If you are to do this during your work out session, go about it in moderation.