The Importance of Using Google Webmaster Tools for SEO

Quality value provision to the audience, is the reason businesses aggressively pursue supplementary SEO strategies, as well as opt for new digital marketing methods.

Nonetheless, these efforts are not enough, to constantly remain relevant in this ever-changing technological era. Brands are having to deal with Google updates, which are basically the changes that affect how rankings are calculated by the top used search engine, Google.

This is why digital marketers and site owners are using different SEO tools to stay top in rankings. Google webmaster tools, for instance, is a suite of SEO tools that provides data and configuration control for your website in Google search engine, by occasionally notifying you if your website has important concerns to be addressed.

The Google Webmaster tools are all about metrics, particularly on what gets indexed, linked, and has a high traffic, which in essence informs you on how better to remain top of the changes of Google updates. See how you can keep the attention of Google:

Search Analytics

The Google Webmaster SEO tools allow you to do an analysis of the searches on Google, by providing you with a presentation of the clicks, impressions, click-through rates, and position of your site. It also lets you see how you performing on certain devices, so that you analyze the impact of your posts across different devices.

All these let you take charge of your content so that you develop it further to better remain relevant and high in rank on Google. Using the search analytics information will help you weigh out the performance your pages pointing you on how you can optimize for different pages on your site.

HTML Improvements

This section of the Google Webmaster tool gives you a brief overview of any HTML issues detected by Google search engine. The HTML improvement helps you stay relevant to Google by flagging pages on your site that do not fit in with your content optimization, that it for title tags and meta descriptions.

This section is also beneficial as it reports on duplication of content on your site, which is usually unattractive to Google and is highly likely to affect your site’s indexing.

Craw analysis

Google crawls your site to pick up information with which it uses to rank you among people’s searches. The Google webmaster tool has a feature that helps you break down the performance of your site according to how Googlebot sees it.

The crawl analysis feature gives you crawling insights from the following dimensions:

Crawl errors

Crawl errors concern the broken links on your site that can cost you a lot as concerns Google ranking. This tool lets you know whether you have broken links on your site, and how these errors have increased or decreased over a period of time so that you can fix them.

Crawl stats

This section of the SEO tool lets you know how often the pages of your site are crawled by Google, and how much of your content has been downloaded in terms of bytes. This insight is particularly good for you to be better placed at developing crawl-worthy content.

Blocked resources report

A blocked resource can come in the way of how your page performs in Google’s search rankings. Google may want to adequately crawl through all the pages on your site, but not accurately do it because of blocked resources.

Take a look at your blocked resources report to identify which ones you can easily fix because Googlebot needs access to a lot of information on your site pages in order to index you correctly.

Backlinks analysis

If you intend to keep up with the Google updates, it is necessary that you have an in-depth understanding of how your content is perceived not just by your audience, but also by other website owners.

Google Webmaster is a powerful tool to inform you on where your content is being leveraged on the internet by understanding how Google sees your site in comparison to the top performing ones.

This SEO tool shows you the different domains that link to your site the most, as well as the pages on your website that have the most number of links.

Mobile usability

Today, study shows that mobile internet usage exceeds that of desktop usage, which makes mobile devices a central focus for SEO to site owners.

Google is profoundly concerned about the user experience of any site, and that can be a reason why Google updates are not favorable to your site. The Google webmaster tool, however, gives you a report on mobile usability, listing out for you the URLs that deteriorate the functionality of your site which decreases UX.

Since you have this SEO tool for all your site optimization concerns, make sure that all of the pages of your website are aligned with what Google considers best practice.

Index status

Index bloat is equally a common problem in SEO as is when pages that should be indexed are not indexed because they gradually affect the traffic flow in your site.

The index status gives you a report about the URLs that Google has tried to index on your site over a period of time, which will allow you to identify the pages that have not been index.

This SEO tool guides you on what you can do to keep Google’s attention so you do not have to worry about keeping tabs on Google updates. Amazing, isn’t it? If you have not yet done it, set up your website with Google Webmaster Tools and watch how quick your SEO efforts will bear fruit regardless of Google updates.