Useful Tricks to Make Your Lips Look Fuller

Make Your Lips Look FullerMost of the women want to improve the looks of their lips. They will be very glad to know some of the tricks by which they can make their lips fuller and attractive. Make up is one such thing that will improve the looks of the lips but you should choose the lip color very carefully. In case you want to draw the attention towards your lips then choose a color that is bright or dark. Females who have smaller lips can go for neutral or lighter shades like pink, earthy etc.. Applying a lip-gloss over lipstick will give the illusion to the lips. Now some of the tricks that will give a very gorgeous look to your lips are discussed here:

Before applying lipsticks exfoliate your lips to remove dryness from your lips. You can use a damp cloth to rub away the dry skin from your lips. Use it in circular motion with a gentle touch to exfoliate the tenderness of the lips.

For thin lips, use the lip liner on the outer lining of the lips and for thick lips use lip liner inside the lining of the lips. The shade of the lip liner should be one shade lighter than the shade of your lipstick.

Use a lip serum one night before you want to make your lips look fuller. The lip serum will hydrate your lips and make them very smooth so that lipstick will look gorgeous with no fine lines on it.

Another trick to make your lips look fuller is to use a petroleum jelly on your lips as it is thicker than gloss and gives a corpulent effect on your lips. For special occasions of smaller durations, you can apply concealer or liquid foundation on your lips before applying lipstick as it will give volume to your lips due to multiple layering with concealer.

Use your favorite lipstick and apply it with a brush whether it comes in tube or in liquid form. Keep in mind that the lipstick should be a hydrating one as it will moist your lips and remove any fine lines that may be visible with ordinary lipsticks.