Urban Fashion Trends for Men

Urban Fashion Trends for MenUrban fashion trends for men are very heavily influenced by the fabulously famous, such as Chris Brown, Kanye West, and Jay-Z. Just to drop a few names. They’ve been spotted wearing a varsity jacket, pants that are on the slimmer side as apposed to past styles of the sagging trend, as well as graphic t-shirts, hats, and glasses. The new urban fashion trends for men are not so much about what you are wearing but how you wear it.

Men’s Urban Fashion Trend Style Guide

Now, as an average male not making big money like these fellas you can stick to brands like Guess, Urban outfitter, and Fubu. Even if you are going to special event make sure your slacks are tapered closer to your legs and don’t be scared to throw a bowtie into the ensemble. The goal is to be confident in the clothes no matter what it is.

Wear a sleeveless vest with a long sleeve thermal underneath and a bright scarf and paperboy hat with your slim jeans of course. Of course you can’t forget your shoes. What would fashion be without the kicks? Sneakers, Jordan’s specifically, will never be out of style. But, don’t be scared to try out those loafers or boots either.

I personally love to see a man in boots. Biker boots or cowboy boots, it doesn’t matter. They scream manly confidence to me. The urban style has a lot of western influence to it as well. Again, the most important aspect of this style is to not care what anyone else thinks of what you are wearing, but to wear it in all your “Kanye confidence” and glory. Some of the trends that I personally like are those I found at itsnotforgirls.com. They provide specific brands from everything to shoes, to watches, to hats, to jeans, to glasses. I love the western feeling of the looks. To me it’s very nonchalant and that is very appealing to most woman.

Another look that I really dig is the hoodie underneath a nice leather jacket. To me it says I’m relaxed, but classic in my leather jacket. Very Sons of Anarchy and that my friend is sexy. Plus, if you live further north you won’t have to worry about getting cold, because we all know that fashion is always about comfort. That was sarcasm. I’ve talked a lot about fall and winter styles because to me that is when you get to do the best layering. I will mention a few things for summer and spring you should have in your urban fashion trends for men wardrobe. Loafers are big for summertime. Lots of colors. Striped shirts and light jackets with shorts. Oh, and your shorts should be tailored as well.

So now that you have some ideas and people to search the web for paparazzi shots, go shop and buy. Most importantly though have fun, don’t get so worked up on everything having to match or be in perfect shape, and just let your own personal swagger come out in each outfit you put together