Trendy Ways To Wear A Sweater Vest

sweater vest womanApparels that you are going to wear affect the overall looks of yours. Sweater vests are the tops with no sleeves and usually have V-cut neck line. The fabric is similar to a sweater and a kind of stitched cardigan. This clothing looks stylish and is functional as well. This is very good clothing for pre-winters.. You can find sweater vest specially made for men and women and some of them are unisex. Some of the best ways to wear a sweater vest are given here:

How To Wear A Sweater Vest

Choose a shirt and bottom to wear: The upper and lower you are going to wear with a sweater vest depends much on the occasion you are going. If you are going to attend a party then you should wear a casual top and any jeans with a sweater vest. But if you have to go to a formal event like an interview then wear a full sleeve shirt and pants.You  can wear it with a khaki pant also for casual occasions.

mens sweater vestWear top under the sweater vest: A more trendy way to wear a sweater vest is to wear the top beneath the vest as this will help you to show your stylish vest. But this will look good when the top you are going to wear is full sleeve. You can tuck the button of the shirt or the top into the pant waist if you are going to a professional event.

Choose an accessory: Different types of accessories like tie, belt, cuffling etc. can be used to add a classy look to your wardrobe.You can also wear a bow-tie. A small portion of the tie can be made visible by tucking the ties under the buttoned sweater vest. Ladies can choose a trendy color belt to their vest to give a perfect look.

Match the color: It is must to match the color of the shirt and the tie with the vest. Different color combinations can be tried like if you are wearing a dark shade vest then choose a light color shirt and the color of the ties should match the vest color.