Top Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

Health Benefits of AloeveraAloevera commonly known as Ghritkumari in India is a herb having great medicinal and cosmetic values. It is being extensively used in cosmetic preparations since ages and is also popular as general health rejuvenator. Most common health benefits of aloevera are:

Digestive System Problems

Loss of aooetite, acidity, gas, abdominal pains, ulcers, irregular motions, constipation, nausea, worms and many other common digestion problems can be controlled by regular use of aloevera.

Liver Problems

Aloevera is useful in treatment of hepatitis, cirrhosis, damage due to excessive alcohol, jaundice sort of liver problems and promotes liver functioning.

Diabetes, Cholesterol and Heart Problems

Aloevera helps in controlling blood sugar levels, checks cholesterol levels, fat, hypertension and palpitation. It is a natural tonic to pancreas and heart and stimulates these organs for better functioning.

General Debility and Chronic Fatigue

Aloevera is rich in various vitamins, minerals and other nutrients which help in rebuilding the lost energy, stamina and health. Its regular use rejuvenates, rebuilds and recharges body.


Regular use of Aloevera regularizes metabolism, opens micro channels of body, helps in dissolving excess fat deposited in body and reduces weight.

Female Problems

Aloevera being strong tonic promotes beauty as well as health in females. Regular use of Aloevera stimulates uterus and regulates uterine bleeding. It is very useful for females having scanty or painful disturbed bleeding in periods. It strengthens female genitalia and checks white discharge problem.

Skin and Hair Problems

Aloevera  has lignin and polysaccharides which make it a natural cleanser and antimicrobial agent. It helps in cleansing skin pores, hydrating and maintaining pH of skin and maintaining healthy blood flow to control wrinkles, blemishes, pimples, wounds and bruises. Aloevera  is good for dandruff, dry hair, premature graying of hair and hair fall problems


Aloevera helps in strengthening bones and being a natural anti inflammatory and anti oxidant it is very useful in management of arthritis, gout, sciatica and back pain.