Tips to Remove Dark Lips

Remove Dark LipsHaving dark lips can be insulting especially if your whole body has white skin. The reason behind having dark lips can be many such as excessive intake of tea and coffee, smoking, skin dryness or heavy make-up. As the skin protection creams are increasing in market there are also solutions for this dark lips which can help both men and women to have clear lips. If you go to any of the drug store you will find that there are many such creams and apart from it, there are also some natural ways to treat the dark lips.

Below are some of the tips that can help in removing dark lips:

  • First of all, gently exfoliate your lips with toothbrush every night. This can help in erasing dead skin from your lips. After finishing this act, apply any of the lip cream such as Vaseline or any other balm to cure the crack lips.
  • You can also apply lemon juice along with almond oil on your lips to regain the lost. You can also use glycerin instead of almond. This method is a natural process but it is quite time consuming.
  • Women’s, specially like to have good and attractive lipstick. So when using it, apply branded lipstick and do not use if its expiry date is over. Before using it on your lips, apply it on arm to get to know if it has any irritation properties.
  • If you most of the time stay outdoor, then it better to use UV protector on your lips. There are also some lipsticks which has sun block elements.
  • You can also use Cocoa Butter, Avocado and peanut oil along with Cucumber and Mulberry.
  • Avoid using lip creams that has heavy doses of harmful chemical to reduce the dark spots from your lip. Use natural ingredients lip creams that can help you avoiding having dark lips

There are also some immediate remedies to remove dark lips such as:

  • Less intake of tea and coffee
  • Quit smoking immediately
  • Quit lip licking
  • Use branded lipstick
  • Less exposure to sun.