Tips To Make Him Fall In Love With You

How To Make Him Fall In Love With YouLove is that psychological and emotional feeling which we all experience at least once in our life time. Many a times we come across people whom we like and we want them to be our friends. But then, there is this boy who holds a special place in your heart. Whenever you see him your heart begins to throb like never before, and you want to go to him, hold him and tell him how much you love him and you also want the same from him.

So to make him fall in love with you the first thing you need to work on is your looks. Remember first impressions are always long lasting. To be noticed look smart, put on trendy clothes, be hygienic and have well groomed hair, nails and looks. Start using a little make-up to get that second look from him. You should be confident about your looks, about what you say and regarding your actions because men like confident women. So boost up your confidence or fake it till the time it is not required.

Try to find out about his likes and dislikes from his friends. Give him that extra attention when you are with your friends. Lend him your ears and shoulder when he is in trouble. Make him realize that you are always there to help him in times of trouble. Get friendly with his friends. Invite him when you are having fun with your friends. Spend more time with your guy so that when you are away his eyes search for you. Remember, Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Soon he will realize that you mean more than a friend to him.

Whenever you meet him tell him that you find him very smart and handsome, praise him for his thoughts and tell him if you too feel the same way. The trick will surely bring the two of you close enough. While looking at him, look longingly into his eyes and hold your eye contact longer than normal to make his brain believe that he loves yout. Send him a note wishing him good-day, or a gentle kiss that makes him feel special. These things will force him to think that he is the only man in your world. Men feel comfortable with females who make them feel special and the woman who can do that will be the one he loves.

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