Tips To Get A Good Look In A Tuxedo

how to look good in a tuxedotuxedo is a semi-formal suit that is different from normal suits as it is made by satin or grosgrain facings on the jacket’s labels and buttons and it also have a similar stripe that goes within the out seam of the trousers. The main color of tuxedo is black or midnight blue. It can be worn with a formal shirt with shoes. Accessories add to the beauty of the tuxedo and it will give an untidy look if worn without a tie.

How to Look Good in a Tuxedo

The customer and trend of tuxedo differ from the regular business suits totally. You can get the best look in a tuxedo if worn with stylish accessories and tux style. Some of the tips to wear different things in a tuxedo are given here:

Jacket in a tuxedo:

A tuxedo jacket should be tied thinner towards the waits. Do not wear a too small or too big jacket ad too small jacket squeeze inside to give a shape of an hourglass. The bigger size of a jacket will give a boxy appearance. The shoulder seams should not fall on the tip of the shoulder. In spite of having multiple buttons on the suits tuck only one button of your suit. In case the jacket has got a single button then keep it buttoned.

Shirt with a tuxedo:

The shirt should be wingled-collar shirt. Try to wear a bow-tie or neck of silk fabric. If you want to wear a cufflinks shirt then wear French cuff shirts. Make sure to give a space of about ¼ inch between the band and the neck so that no chasing occurs. The sleeves of the shirt should not go beyond ½ inch below the tuxedo sleeves. Any kind of movement should not lead the shirt sleeves to get hidden behind the tuxedo sleeves.

Pants with a tuxedo:

The waistband of the trouser should not line up with the navel. Pants include stripes and braids pants. Do not cuff the bottom of the trousers and fold them upward. It is better to have a slim fit and high waist pants than the regular pants.

Color in a tuxedo:

Match the color: Always try to match the color of the shoes with the color of the socks while wearing a tuxedo. For e.g. You are wearing a gray tuxedo then wear gray colored shoes with gray socks. The vests that you are going to wear should hide the waistband of your trousers.