Tips to Clean Belly Button

How to Clean Belly ButtonBelly button is one of the sexual attractions for opposite person.  There are many parts in body that attract opposite sex and to keep it attractive it is important to keep it clean and attractive. One such is the belly button, which is the most important part of the body. Many people like to show off their belly button, especially women’s. This is the place where people do piercing.

Belly button has increased visibility and so it is very important to keep it clean. Keeping your belly button clean can help in avoiding infection.  There are many treatments that are used toclean belly button. But it is important to make sure that while cleaning your belly button, clean it easily and safely. Belly button is the most sensitive part. So it is important to clean it carefully. Make sure that you don’t use any sharp object in the naval.

Before starting with your cleaning your belly button gather all the supplies that are needed. Bring one or two cotton balls and baby oil. If your belly button is stinking then you should use famine wash to get your belly button gets free with stinking.

The best time to clean your belly button is before having shower, so that all the baby oil and dust wash away. There are also some other procedure that can be used for cleaning belly button.

When you use baby oil, apply it on the belly button. After applying the oil use the cotton balls to clean the belly button. After cleaning make it sure that you change the cotton balls if it gets dirt. This can be done by just lying down in the towel. While applying the oil, keep it for 10-15 minutes so that all the dust gets cleaned out.

While using this procedure do it gently. Do not rub the belly button hard or in aggressive manner, as it can harm or even have a cut on the belly button.

It is important that you wash your belly button on the daily basis with soap and keep it clean, So that you can expose it confidently.