Tips for Beautiful Lips

Tips for Beautiful LipsAs a woman, I know my lips are one of the main focuses of my beauty routine. When my lips do not look as nice as possible, my whole look is thrown off. Here are some of my tips for beautiful lips.

7 Tips for Beautiful Lips

1.  I am going to start out with the health side of keeping lips looking great. When one is dehydrated, it shows on their lips. Have you ever had a really bad cold or the flu? If so, you know how dry and chapped lips can become. No matter how I feel, I make sure I am drinking plenty of water so my lips do not look chapped.

2. I believe one of the best tips for beautiful lips involves the color lipstick one puts on their lips. For instance, if you are pale, putting on a boring, neutral lip colors is just going to make you look paler. Spice things up with bright red. On the other hand, if you have tanned or darker skin, a subtle color is usually the way to go.

3. No matter how small your lips are, don’t ever get collagen put in your lips. I have a friend who has very small lips. So, she went to a cosmetic surgeon and had collagen out in them. The result? Well, let’s just say her lips look swollen every day, all day.

4. When applying lip line, be sure you choose a shade that is a bit darker than the actual lip color. This will make the whole look much better.

5. Even when your lips feel smooth and are not chapped, you should still apply a balm to them. Many people think because their lips are in good shape, they should not have to do anything to them. I admit it, I am guilty of this. The problem is the environment will get to your lips eventually. Believe me, I know. Get a balm and apply to your lips throughout the day.

6. Do you have wrinkles around your lips? If so, you know how much of an eyesore that can be. This is a problem my mother has. She spent too much time in the sun throughout her life. These wrinkles can be treated just as you would treat wrinkles anywhere else on your face. Use creams or chemical peels that contain retinol or other kinds of anti-aging ingredients.

7. Are you one of these people who are always licking or smacking their lips? This is habit you need to get rid of if you want beautiful lips. Licking and smacking your lips hurts the protective barrier that prevents dry lips. Obviously, when that barrier is not there, your lips are exposed and will become dried out. Trust me, this happened to me a lot when I was younger.

So, as you can see, there are many things you can do to keep your lips looking great, no matter what your age or situations. These tips for beautiful lips should be kept in mind as part of your daily beauty routine.