Things to Do in Puerto Rico in October

things to do in Puerto Rico in OctoberPuerto Rico, situated in the northeastern Caribbean of United States, is the most sought-after holiday destination for the travelers! If  you are planning for a visit to Puerto Rico this year then October is the best time to go. You will get many things to do in Puerto Rico in October with various kinds of events, programs and festivals.

Attractions and Things to Do in Puerto Rico in October


  • Oktoberfest is Puerto Rico is the most important and attractive event of the year. Puerto Rico is decked up during this time. Oktoberfest, a 16 days long fair, is best celebrated in Casa Bavaria. This is basically a beer fest that was first introduced in Munich, Germany for the first time in the year 1810. Oktoberfest is celebrated during the first two weeks of October with loads of foods and beer. You will have to register your name to the event coordinators first and the membership gets renewed each year. With almost 6 million visitors from all over the world, Oktoberfest has a record of approximate consumption of 6.9 million liters of beer. Apart from the food and beer, Oktoberfest has is a den for brilliant live music and cheerful Bavarian dishes that depicts culinary tradition of Puerto Rico.
  • Halloween is another important event of October in Puerto Rico. Halloween is generally celebrated along with friends, family and sometimes even with the colleagues. Parties, events and other programs are planned on October 31 or sometime at the weekends in October. Festivities celebrate Halloween by watching horror films, dressing-up as Ghost, horrifying costume parties or decorating the house in haunted style or like graveyards.
  • Tango Festival in Puerto Rico is also celebrated in October. It is celebrated for 4 days in the last week of October. The best tango singers, dancers, music composers of the country gather in this festival to perform for the public. You can enjoy some authentic tango dance with the live music. Sometimes music for mass is not only restricted to tango but in includes other dance rhythms, though the tango content is must as per the rules.
  • Sangria Festival is a fest of bloodletting in Puerto Rico. Some vintage Wine and Tapas are being served in this fest and it is considered to be a local food event that takes place all over the Island to all bleeding lovers. Bleeding is one of the most famous drinks of all time and it is a part of Puerto Rico culture. The main reason of Sangria Festival is that the spectators of the activity can enjoy a friendly evening with good amount of entertainment and taste the best of the sangrias of Puerto Rico.  The advantage of taking part in this fest is that you can enjoy wines from various regions in an affordable price.
  • Live-Shows in Puerto Rico- You can indulge yourself in some of the live shows in Puerto Rico that is going to happen in 2013. Marc Anthony will be doing his live shows on 4th Oct 2013 at Coliseo de Puerto Rico in Jose M. Agrelot. 19th October 2013 is the date for the youngsters as Justin Beiber is going to take the stage at 20.30 at Coliseo De Puerto Tico. The event dates and venue is given as per best of our knowledge but check twice before booking your tickets in advance.