Things to Do In Barcelona in October

Things to Do In Barcelona in OctoberBarcelona is the capital of Catalonia and the second largest city in Spain. Barcelona has a rich cultural heritage and is known for its important cultural destinations and one of the major tourist destinations.  The architectural works of Antoni Gaudí and Lluís Domènech I Montaner, which have been designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites are renowned places to visit. In addition to these, things to do in Barcelona are discussed here:

Wander at colorful La Rambla

LA Rambla is the one of the famous boulevards in the world and it is a must to visit even if you have only one day to spend in Barcelona. It has everything in it like the mile long road busties with tourists, artists, statues, musicians and dancing people with stalls of beautiful flowers and an exhibition .The exhibition includes La Boqueria market with Joan mirror mosaic and newspaper kiosks and cafes with lots of snacks and coffee.

Get up close to Gaudí’s grand designs

Another wonderful thing is the Gaudi’s fairytale architecture as the Sagrada family is an amazing thing as it looks like a giant that has dripped melting wax on the gothic cathedral and when you will get closer to it then it will give a look of stone tapestry of Christ’s life. Gemstones are wonderful and these are based on the designs of the opera Hansel and Gretel on which you can have a look by walking through the splendid staircase.

Climb up the magical Montjuïic

Montjuiic is the perfect place to have a stroll but it is not so easy to reach this place and is less popular among tourists. It has buildings of the 1992 Olympics like the Santiago Calatrava’s Olympic needle.

Walk on the artistic side

The beauty of Barcelona is so much that one can feel an artistic journey. So have a stroll around the leafy gardens of the Teatre Grec and then move towards the Fundacio Joan Miro which is one of the biggest museum in the world. It has a collection of 225 paintings with 150 sculptures and graphic arts by famous Spanish artists. In Tres pins nursery, plants are grown with lots of contemporary work and you should also have a look at the bronze statue of the Italian poet Dante Alighieri in the Placa Dante Alighieri.

Have a passionate flamenco fling

Enjoy the flamenco fling: Although not all of us have the dancing skills but one should always enjoy the feeling of being a spectator of the traditional Spanish dance form.It has a display of the flamenco singing, music and dance. To have a look at the vanguard performances one should also watch Festival of Ciutat Flamenco in the month of May.

Explore the bargaining market

If you are a shopping freak with good bargaining power then you must explore the Roca village where you can explore the 50 discount outlets of designer apparel of famous brands like Antono, Versace, Diesel etc.

Explore the Picasso’s youth

Picasso remembered Barcelona as a beautiful and bright city in which he has spent the early years of his birth. So follow the footsteps of this artist and have a visit to the landmarks that have shaped the youth. Have a stroll at the Calle Reina Cristina and then cross the 3 carrer DA Le Mars to have a look at the place where his family lived but later on the building was destroyed.