Tempting Way to Make Yummy Chocolate at Your Home

Make Your Own Chocolate at HomeMany people think that making of delicious chocolate is very difficult & take lot of time for preparation. And there are very few people who are not found of mouths salivate chocolate. But making of chocolate is not so much difficult as people think. How wonderful, if you can make your favorite delicious chocolate at your home by following some easy way recipes you can make chocolate in very easy manner. Now, I am going to tell you the easiest way to make chocolate at your home.

The very initial step to make a chocolate is getting a cocoa pods so that you can get cocoa beans. Then you have to crush those cocoa pods in pieces. Pulping around these pods has to be removing by fragmentation process. The fragmentation process can be done in two ways. First is by natural segmentation & second is by artificial segmentation. The fragmentation process can be occurs in boxes after the pods beans have been dried. But the artificial process can affect the quality of chocolate. Normally we require artificial process when we need to make a heavy quantity of chocolate.

After this we need to roast the beans by means of oven for the 30 minute. And keep the oven at 300 degree temperature. After the 30 minute when beans are roasted keep the beans for cooling in open air. And then remove the husk as outer layer of cooled beans. After removing the husk, crushed the beans into small pieces & grind them with the means of pepper grinder.

Keep grind the beans until beans converted into brown powder. This powder is very nice in looking but the taste of this powder is very bitter. Now takes a large pan & filled this pan with water. Set the medium fire for the pan & let’s water gets heat but not like boiled water. Now take the cocoa powder into small pan & keep this small pan into large pan with hot water. Here paste starts heating, and then keep this paste back into a pan & continuously grind this paste with the means of grinder.

Now it is the time to add sugar, milk, strawberry or any kind of flavor of your choice. Transfer this warm paste into molds & wait for the time until this paste come into shape. Now we have prepared a delicious yummy chocolate. Serve it to the people or enjoy it yourself.