Suits for Overweight Men

Suits for Overweight MenNot everyone has come to the earth with best physique called tall and handsome. But things you can do to look better is to work on your clothing and grooming choices. Usually fat men spend their time on workout and dieting and pay very less attention over their look. Also, whenever we discuss off the fashion and obese people, it seems difficult to choose the right clothes. Here we will discuss the ideas of dress which will help to flatter the larger body and also complement the smaller frames.

Choose Blazers Having Small Shoulder Padding-

Most of the girls attracted towards the man with muscular body and fat men have to face ignorance this way but if want to look more muscular then you have to buy the blazers having light shoulder padding. Bigger pads will not be better here in this condition. Because small pads will give visual boost to your chest and back and on the other hand if you choose enormous padding then will give you an appearance of little boy which has lost in elder man’s jacket.

Tailored your Blazers-

Single and double breasted blazers are best for you. It would be best for you if you tailored them also it assures you that it would fit you properly. Fabric should not be loose underarms or in the shoulder area. Best fashion tip for overweight men is to keep uniformity in the bottoms and tops. Don’t do the mistake of wearing a loose sweater or blazers with tight skinny jeans. It will not look good.

Choose Three Buttons Blazers-

In place of choosing one or two button blazers you must try three buttons blazers. It looks very classy but it will lengthen your body and gives you taller appearance. Leave the top button of your blazer undone and it will help the clothes from pulling.

Avoid slim fit Shirts-

Shirts are meant to compliment your suits and blazers, so how can we forget shirts. Mostly skinny people done a mistake of wearing slim fit shirts which should be avoided. This will not called fashion but a fashion blunder. So, you have to wear tops as it allows the movements from the midsection and hide the small ribcage. Don’t choose the clingy fabrics too. Also, fabric should not have much elasticity. The tops should fit you well; it should not be too large. Also, remember of collars at the time of buying the dress. Pick the shirts having spread collars as it will make the upper portion of your chest seems wider.

Wear Flat Front Pants-

After Suit and Shirt, it is the turn of pants to discuss. You can wear the pants with classic cut and should be simple with flat front. You can even wear a straight leg or slight boot cut trousers. Steer clear of tapered trousers or skinny jeans is also good for you. The pockets of the pants add the volume to your shape. So, always remember, don’t stuff it with unnecessary things. You can also try wearing pants with lines and patterns. They also appears very classy and attractive.