Suiting Hairstyles

How To Find The Right Haircut For Your Face ShapeDifferent human personalities call for different hairstyles, but these hairstyles are also highly influenced by the shape of ones head. It’s normal to admire other people’s style which essentially leads to trying it out. But have you tried various hairstyles that look amazing on others but somehow never seem to work for you? Well the reason is due to the shape of your head. A few styling adjustments to suit your head proportion might have others turning to look at you and copy your hairstyle.

First you need to determine what shape head/face you are; oval, round, square, triangular or heart shaped. If you can determine this, then it will be helpful to know what hairstyles suit you best and even easier to determine when your hair stylist is wrong. Your facial features also play a part in styling your hair. If your features are more pronounced, then you want to have a hairstyle that eases the features out. The principle opposites attract plays well when it comes to pairing hairstyles and head shapes. This principle bares no weight however when it comes to oval shape faces as just about any hairstyle looks good. If you have a round face, then you need a hairstyle that sits close to your face to give the impression of a slender face.

Rectangular faces, which can also be considered long faces, need hairstyles that go to the chin, while square faces will look best in soft styles that go below the jaw line, so alleviate the facial features. Triangular or heart shaped faces are adorable and mostly attractive. Don’t take away your lovable look by wearing tightly pulled back hair styles or hair styles that put a lot of emphasis on the upper part of your face. And for those with bigger foreheads, fringes or bangs would help veil this feature and produce a beautiful hairstyle.

Of course there are more factors to consider when styling especially if you want to add or change hair color. But for now, figure out your head/face shape and what will suit you best in the styling department, and then you can go from there.