Style Your Hair Buns

How To Make A Bun In Your HairComing up with fun hair styles for the many occasions we have to attend can sometimes be tedious and annoying. More over, having to always go to the salon to be styled up can at times cause damage to your hair due to chemicals, oils and creams used. Every now and then, it’s good to be able to style up your own hair, without all the hassle. Buns are an easy and stylish way to have your hair for different events, be it work, a night out, a fancy dinner or a night at the opera. Most bun hairstyles go along well with dressy, casual, formal or even sexy outfits. This hair style which has been done for many centuries has not lost its’ flair or popularity. Here are a few simple bun styles that you can work on.

If you have short hair, you will need hair pins, a hair piece, hair spray or hair oil to help your hair hold and a brush. Apply some hair spray or hair oil to your hair. You want it to be a little damp so that it’s workable. If you don’t have any hair oil/spray, water will do. Once it’s damp, brush it out to the center back of your head, above the nape of your neck. You may choose to have it a bit higher or lower. Using your hands, gather your hair into a ponytail, and then with your left hand, wrap the hair in an anti-clockwise motion. Take a hair pin and stick it into the base of the wrap to keep it from unraveling. Stick additional pins to keep the hair in a tight clutch. Now take your hair piece and put over your bun. This gives the effect of a full bun in case your hair is too short. However, if your bun sits well without the additional hair piece, then leave it as is.

If you have medium length hair, there a couple of ways you could have your bun. Follow the same process as given above. Wrap your hair either partially and then use a clip to hold it up. Otherwise you can wrap it all the way to the end and use the hair pins to hold it in. You may choose to have a few strands hang out or, have it in a neat, tight roll, in which case you may need extra hair spray/oil to help attain this effect.

For longer hair, you could do a single or double braid bun. Braid your ponytail out all the way to the end, wrap the braid into a roll and use hair pins to hold it in place. If you choose a double braid bun, part your hair from the middle of your scalp to the neck. Make two separate braids and have them lie across each other with hair pins holding the braids in place. Alternatively, wrap them around each other to form the bun with hair pins securing it in place.