Style Mistakes to Avoid On a First Date

Beauty Tips to Look Flawless on First dateEssential beauty tips will surely help you to conquer him even from the first date, here it is what you have NOT to do at your first date:

  1. Even if you are in trend, avoid boyfriend, loose and broken jeans;
  2. When it comes to accessories, discretion is the watchword. Do not wear too opulent necklaces, bracelets on one hand, multiple rings or too many earrings in one ear;
  3. Do not bare too much flesh on the first date, but leave it to him to guess your forms! Sensuality is more about attitude;
  4. Very high heels, platform and possibly will seem vulgar, where the first meeting will take place in a club or bar;
  5. Do not wear blouses too much opulent, overly sophisticated or very low-cut, because it’s your excessive desire to impress with your elegance, risk being perceived differently than you want. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication!

At your first date “Avoid to”…

First date with a boy can arouse many feelings which you cannot control, so that you do not even realize when you first start making mistakes.

  1. Do not talk too much or too little on a first date with a boy – The discussion during the meeting is crucial, so that you shall forward the next clues about what kind of person you are. Do not give too many details about your personal life, but not be too quiet either, because it can give the impression that you are not interested in him. At the first appointment with a boy must show him a little of your qualities, leaving him with the desire to discover what a wonderful woman you are. A touch of mystery is welcome, because it will provide a second meeting.
  2. Convey the impression that you are a difficult person – Sometimes the desire to show that you are hard to get, can easily slip into another way. Do not complain all the time ordered food or drink, not adopt a superior attitude and do not attack the lines related to the former relationship. Try to have fun, to communicate and to show them that you enjoy his company. And remember that a woman who exudes warmth and is friendly is more loved by men.
  3. You agree with all his proposals – You do not have to give it right in everything he says, just to please him. If you have any opinions or ideas, formulate them in a nice way, so not to offend him. It also does not have to agree with the proposed location, if you feel that some other place is a better solution for the first date. For example, a club is not a recommended place, because you will not have much time to talk, to get to know one another, and can end the evening in the bedroom after too many glasses of booze.
  4. You concentrate too much on self – It is good to pay attention to how you act, the words you speak, the posture and attitude you have, but the main aim should not be this. You came on the first date because you want to know him on it, so you have to pay attention to his behavior, to figure out if it can be a good partner or not. Learn to decipher the signs of his behavior right from the start. Be careful if you have good manners, it is a good listener, if it has a positive outlook about life and if it seems really interested to know you better or he just wants an adventure. If it’s a rude boy, focused more on his needs and gives the impression that it is not serious, it would be appropriate to think if it’s worth wasting your time and energy with another inappropriate relationship.
  5. You talk about marriage and children – Even if you want to start a family and you really like your man, the first date with a boy is not a good time to confess your burning desires. Let the relationship between you evolve slowly and do not involve more than you should, otherwise it might be disappointed. Remember that some men never feel ready to make choices that involve more responsibility, even when they love their partner.
  6. Do not turn the first date in a Psychological Session – You know, finally, a boy approaching your ideals, but not very long before you enthusiastic to know him better. And most importantly – do not treat it like the first meeting would be your best friend or worse, like a psychologist who has to get rid of all the sufferings of the past. In conclusion, do not talk too much about how unhappy you were in past relationships, family problems, nor about your body related complexes. Do not want to scare him on the first date and leave him with the impression that you are an insecure, which will create many problems.

First Date Shoes Tips

Beyond the clothes, there’s one important aspect: the shoes. One of the most common mistakes women make when choosing attire for first meeting involves choosing wrong shoes.

  1. Sometimes, women who normally wear high heels, climb up on the heels of 10 cm. This is one of the biggest mistakes. If you do not usually wear heels, you probably lack the training, in which case you’re riding will have much to suffer. Nothing looks uglier than a woman with a staggering gait, with knees bent or hunched. Choose, instead, a beautiful pair of sandals or ballet flats. Opt for female and discrete models. Sneakers are not a good idea unless the first meeting will be an exciting activity.
  2. What matters, though, is how comfortable you feel. If you feel good, it will be seen and believe me, you will like it more than if you have the same height as him. Be honest from the beginning.
  3. Wear your favorite shoes- Do not make the mistake of buying yourself a new pair of shoes for the meeting. Any lover of shoes knows that this is a relationship that is formed over time. You must earn their trust, they accommodate us and if we spend enough time together, eventually we will not bear fruit, we will give corns and we will make the perfect pair. Better wear your favorite pair, those in which you feel best.
  4. Remember that attitude is everything!