South African Black Wedding Hairstyles

South African Black Wedding HairstylesYou want to look fabulous on your special day then there is a requirement of choosing a perfect hairstyle which will help you to make you shine all the way through. Following given are some of the South African black wedding hairstyles so that you can pick the one which would suit you and make you look fabulous.

Glamorous Wedding Hairstyles for Black Women

Ready to Look Glamorous- As the name suggests this hairstyle is for the ladies who believe in looking glamorous and sensuous. Wash your head with shampoo and make it dry using hair dryer. Now make a ponytail and then you have to make a French roll, then you have to wrap the French roll at the center. To make this style at its place you have to use some of the poppy pins and end that with styling gel which would help to make it stay at place for longer.

Swept and Sparkle- If you have medium or long length hair then you have to look at the center stage and create a dazzling coif and it would help you to get extra shine as well as elegance and for that you can try to glamour that using fashionable hair accessories.

Braids– Braids are very common among African women and if you have special love for the same then can also try that and for that you have to create some long braids at one side of the head. For braid hair, you should decide the beforehand and it can be all of some of the hair braided. After you have finished the braiding then you can spray the holding gel over entire hair. Now, at the top of head you can place a beautiful crown which will make you look even more appealing as well. If you want then also you can braid only at the top and leave the bottom hair straight then you can curl the bottom hair using hair curler.

Make an Up do With Flowers– You have option of making an up do either at high or low. Back comb all over your hair and then create small partitions of the hair. Now, make twists or braids of these sections. In case you have chosen the braids, then create braids at the desired sections of your hair. Now, use small rubber bands so that you would keep secure. Now, time to use both braided and non-braided hair and twist them all along. Now you have to lift your hair to some height from your neck. As if your plan is for higher up do then you can pile up the hair at height and you have to make all the twists and sections secured and use bobby pins for that. Make them secure some at height or some at low place. At the end spray the hair gel which will help to keep the whole style at its place. Now, the time to decorate the up do and for that you can either choose some natural flowers and place them at height or you can also use some small decorative pins and place them at the different sections of hair.