Sony VAIO Y and Z Series morph into MiFis with Share My Connection

Sony VAIO YIt appears as if multiple WiFi gadgets are the newest vogue these days, initially made popular by the MiFi mobile hotspots and later multiplying into cell phones. But, now Sony has gone and done something new and interesting. It has taken a select group of VAIO Z and Y series laptops; and added the Share My Connection (SMC) feature to these laptops and in the process managed to provide a big convenience to a lot of people.

Although, Windows and Mac software did enable this type of a fad for a short while, but Sony’s SMC is definitely easier for the end user to set it up. This is the perfectly built-in answer for the frequent traveler and those on the run, or individuals looking to save some money by sharing one network connection. The ‘share my connection’ is a secure option if you are looking to broaden your connectivity with family, friends or coworkers.

The SMC specifications turn the laptop into a WiFi hotspot. In the United States these ultra portables will be paired with Verizon mobile broadband, and the signal will have the capacity to be shared with up to five other devices.  The 3G connection can be shared with other WiFi enabled computers, smart phones, MP3 players and cameras. When you think about it, it really is the sensible thing to do allowing you to transfer information, songs photographs etc so much easier. Although these specifications may not be suitable for everyone because these types of features will allow easy access to your machine by individuals, you may not want messing with your private information.

A review of the Vaio Z model shows that it is a relatively small machine with 13.1 inch screen with a weight of approximately three pounds made from carbon fiber and aluminum. Whereas the Y series are 13.3 inches and are available in a rainbow of colors. Prices for these machines including the hotspot features start in the range of $770.00 for the Y series and $1,950.00 Z series. Perfect timing for the back to school shoppers.