Sony Ericsson announces VH110 and VH410 headsets as Extras

Sony Ericsson Extras Headsets VH110Leave it to Sony to come up with something as eco-friendly as the VH110 and the VH410 bluetooth headsets while giving them the name of “Extras”. Sony has gone all out trying to keep the tree huggers out there happy while giving them nothing to complain about. A closer look at some of the features packed in these gadgets reveal that they are made from recycled plastics and given a finish of water –based paint. To top it off they are packaged in an environmentally friendly tiny pack to minimize needless waste. Very impressive, I hope other companies out there are ready to follow suit.

The VH110 is the more moderately priced sturdy headset which has the capability of up to ten hours of chatting time on a single charge. So, with one good charge you are carefree for the rest of the day. Other specifications include a standby time of 350 hours, Micro USB connector, Bluetooth version 2.1 and a size of 49 x 18.5 x 22.7 mm. It only comes in one color – black.  Not bad for something so tiny. The Bluetooth technology will give relief from tangles; while Sony Ericsson continues to spoil everyone by offering three different ear pieces for greater personal comfort.

Whereas, review of the VH410 features show that it has the ability to connect to two mobile phones at once and gives a simple one-touch operation so you can switch between calls with greater ease. It comes with a greater color choice, red, black and silver and the size is slightly larger, measuring at 50.4 x 18 x 25.2 mm. Other specifications are the same as VH110. These two items are the first in a new line of Extras portfolio. Can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us!

The expected release date is just a month away, sometime in August. There is no hint of price range from Sony Ericsson yet. Let’s just hope they are as economical as they are trendy.